Is this the end of the RNG in online Poker?

Jamie Toulson
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Posted on: May 18, 2020 3:28 pm EDT

Since the inception of online poker, players have been given no choice about how hands are dealt. Sites use a Random Number Generator (commonly referred to as an RNG) which uses real world data to determine what cards are dealt to players and therefore who wins the hand.

Some players feel that operators can use this to their advantage by making sure that players with a smaller number of chips win, thus keeping their bank balance going and increasing the amount of rake that the operator makes.

Whilst there is no proof that this is the case – indeed, no site would do this and be able to get away with it for long – a large number of players don’t trust the RNG within online poker and play in only land-based games.

Now, however, there is an alternative to the Random Number Generator and allowing online poker to be played using real decks of cards.

Players who take part in these games get to choose where the deck is cut – the Dealer for each hand does this – and then burn cards are dealt before dealing hole cards, before the flop, turn and river, just like in a live poker game. This results in a completely fair and random outcome to every hand dealt.

The amount of time this takes is negligible and results in hands that take the same amount of time to play as any hand using an RNG – it is an extremely fast process and players will not notice any difference in the speed of gameplay.

There is a self-audit system which allows players to check for themselves the outcome of a hand, this puts players minds at rest that they are playing a totally fair and random game.

The technology can be used for any online card game, including poker, blackjack, baccarat and rummy. The technology is 100% random, 100% accurate, 100% of the time.

Whilst there are many online poker sites around, until now there were none that have the USP that using real decks of cards for online card games can offer – there are a huge number of players available to aim for worldwide who up until now won’t play online due to the RNG and their perceived lack of randomness.

So, in answer to the question at the start of this article, whilst it may not be the end for the RNG in online poker, there is finally an alternative for players to choose from.

Investors, site owners both new and existing and players are now required to make the most of this brand-new technology.

With the online poker industry showing signs of resurgence, there has never been a better time to get involved in the online gaming sector if you aren’t already involved or to diversify and increase your player offerings if you are.

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