Joe Reddick rises to the top on Day 4 of the Borgata Championship Event

Terrance Reid
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Posted on: January 25, 2024 10:49 am EST

It was an early night on Day 3 of the Borgata Winter Poker Open Championship Event, and nobody had better reasons to sleep sweeter than chip leader Joe Reddick.

Just before the scheduled dinner break, players had nearly reached the planned hard stop for the evening of two tables. They decided to forego dinner break to reach that mark, and it didn’t take long. After two subsequent eliminations, only 17 players will return for Day 4 today to play for the $613,063 up top.

Joe Reddick
Joe Reddick

Hailing from the Bronx, NY, and wearing his “CHIP BULLY” hoodie, Reddick bagged biggest with 4,290,000. They’ll soon be advancing to the 15k/25k/25k level, so that’s good for 172 big blinds.

Borgata Winter Poker Open Championship Event Day 4 chip counts

SeatPlayerChip CountSeatPlayerChip Count
1/1Frank Lagodich1,055,0002/1Yunkyu Song1,425,000
1/2—Empty——Empty—2/2John Pannucci 3,480,000
1/3Aaron Massey 680,0002/3Anthony Zinno845,000
1/4Abraham Faroni1,880,0002/4Leo Taffe2,865,000
1/5Jeff Gross 810,0002/5Joe Reddick4,290,000
1/6Brian Yoon 2,385,0002/6Paul Volpe 1,600,000
1/7Alex Queen 1,200,0002/7Casey Hatmaker1,030,000
1/8James Gilbert320,0002/8Kevin Stammen420,000
1/9Matt Wantman 770,0002/9 Carlos Chadha 2,510,000

Day 4 action from Atlantic City

With 27,560,000 chips in play, the 17 remaining will have an average of 65 big blinds in the upcoming level. That’s fairly deep-stacked poker with big pay jumps in play; that’s just what you want from a Championship Event.

Will there be a reprise?

Somewhere in the middle of the pack is Yunkyu Song with 1,425,000 in chips. He looks to bookend this series with another big score.

Yunkyu Song
Yunkyu Song

He started this Winter Poker Open with a third-place finish in The Opener for a career-best $181,430. Looking at the payouts, a fourth-place finish in this one would earn him another new personal best. He’ll have to get through some crushers to reach that final table, including one of the most assiduous grinders in the game.

Missing flights and stacking chips

If he had missed Day 4, he planned on immediately hopping on a plane for WPT Cambodia. From a tournament grinder, what more could you want, man?

Matthew Wantman
Matthew Wantman

Matthew “Bucky” Wantman racked up 60 reported cashes last year, according to Hendon Mob. He’s already scored three here at Borgata this series, including a third-place finish in Event 16: $2,100 NLH 8-Max for $47,326.

Bucky will look to make missing Cambodia worth it. He’s already locked up $33,784 and is looking for more to take to Asia.

Remaining payouts


Playing to the final table today

With only 17 players remaining, the goal is to reach the final table before bagging up one more time in this event.

Once they do, they’ll bag up to return on Friday, January 26 at 1 pm for a streamed final table to close it out.

Who will secure their seat in the spotlight? Who will be left on the outside looking in? With some big names and big money in play, follow the action on as we watch it all play out.

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