Jungleman acknowledges that he ghosted in high stakes online game

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Posted on: May 28, 2020 6:17 pm EDT

Dan Cates admits to ghosting, but denies having cheated

Poker’s Bill Perkins declarations last weekend about a poker cheating scandal bigger than the one involving Mike Postle have been developing to the point that there was a public confession made in response. What started with a Twitter post from Perkins throwing what seemed a grenade and then leaving without giving any details ended with Dan “Jungleman” Cates confessing what happened during a high stakes online game. However, even if the whole story hasn’t been completely unveiled, it doesn’t sound like such a big cheating scandal as described by Perkins.

Yesterday, Cates posted a statement online where he said he was preparing his response, which was delayed due to legal and financial reasons. He later admitted that he did play “with” this Sina person on May 8 during “very few sessions.” Nevertheless, he added that Bilzerian was not one of the players sitting at the virtual poker table while he was playing. “I played very few hands against Bill Perkins, who sat in a game I understood was rampant with professionals who were ghosting. I thought since many on the site were using pros to play for them (which was clear by the uniquely high level of play) at the time, it felt acceptable for me to be playing. Unfortunately, Bill got caught in the crossfire and I’m very sorry about that,” said Cates.

Everything started with Perkins’ post in which he called this news a “Cheating scandal in poker going on that would make the Mike Postle scandal look like a church service.” But he caused some anger from the poker community since he didn’t give more details until a day later when he gave just a few more bits and pieces. Then, Dan Bilzerian tweeted that it was Cates who cheated him out of his money during a game on Fun Ocean poker app while he was playing from an account of someone named Sina Taleb.