Jungleman comically turns evil after losing poker battle to Phil Galfond

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Posted on: May 13, 2020 5:47 pm EDT

Dan Cates plots his revenge against the poker pro in a series of lighthearted tweets

Two of the best poker players in the world, Phil Galfond and Dan “Jungleman” Cates, engaged in some exciting poker action a few days ago in which Jungleman lost the mini-match and had paid the bet by posting a video praising the winner. That single session challenge was just a preview of the official challenge against Galfond happening soon, and Jungleman clearly was not happy with losing. He did post the video as promised, but also added some of his spice with a tone of revenge.

Jungleman is no stranger to viral videos. Last year, he was involved in a video in which he was participating in a strip poker session with several Playboy bunnies. But his speech during his latest video was definitely not what fans were expecting from someone praising a winner. “You know what Falcons?” said Jungleman using his new pet name for Galfond. “I’m gonna rip your claws out, I’m gonna tear your talons off, I’m gonna destroy you, crush your spirit, I’m gonna show your carcass to the whole world!” Jungleman lost nearly $95,000 in the 750 hands played in this match.

He had to pay the bet, so it took a minute to get serious during the video. “In all seriousness, Falcons – Mr. Phil Galfond I should say – is the better poker player because he outplayed me this round. He’s for sure the better PLO player – he never gets angry or tilts as far as I’m aware, he’s very competitive in all the games. He’s the better man because he treats everyone with kindness, no matter how they act towards him, even if they act badly, he still treats them with kindness.” And after a few more lines about Galfond’s attributes, he went back to his villain character. “Next time, Mr. Falcons will have his match set out for him – I will have my revenge. Your days are numbered Falcons! I am gonna f*****g destroy you!!”