Kid Poker thinks Mike Matusow may have lost control

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Posted on: June 8, 2020 6:22 pm EDT

Recent social media posts by The Mouth have Daniel Negreanu worried about his sanity

The overall mental health of the pro player Mike ‘The Mouth’ Matusow is being questioned by other fellow players due to what he has been posting on Twitter. Apparently, Matusow has been sharing several tweets with a number of conspiracy theories regarding certain events that are occurring, like George Floyd’s death. Even Kid Poker shares his opinion on what has been going on with Matusow.

“It’s too late for @themouthmatusow. He is so susceptible to the Qanon cult conspiracy theories,” said Negreanu, “Take solace in the fact that he truly doesn’t understand. He means well but has been affected by the rabbit hole of insane conspiracy theories on the internet.” This spree of bizarre posts is not a common thing to see in Matusow; the videos were about some New World Order, coronavirus hoaxes, and anti-Antifa propaganda that rose after Floyd’s brutal murder at the hands of the police.

There has been an unusual love-hate relationship between the two poker stars, which got tense amid last year’s WSOP Player of the Year debacle in which Negreanu was assigned some points he wasn’t entitled to and that caused him to win the title.

Also, more people besides Negreanu replied with a recommendation for The Mouth to get psychiatric help. “It’s very sad what medication does to people,” said Adam Schwartz, “I saw this with my friend Bunner and I hope that those close to Mike get him the help he needs before something bad happens.” Others simply decided to unfollow him due to his incessant craziness, right-wing retweeting and propagandizing.