€1,000,000 Unibet Poker Online Series IX set for Friday kickoff

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Geoff Fisk
Posted on: September 15, 2020 11:12 PDT

Month-long series offers events starting at €0.25 buy-ins

Players of all bankrolls will likely find something they like in the upcoming €1,000,000 Unibet Poker Online Series IX. Unibet announced the full schedule for its month-long series, slated for Sept. 18 through Oct. 14.

Plenty of action awaits across the 132-event schedule, which offers tournaments at a range of buy-ins from €0.25 up to €1,100. Many of those events offer five-figure prize pools or larger.

The pinnacle of the Unibet Poker Online Series commences Oct. 11, in the E129 UOS Unibet Open Online High event. The €1,100 buy-in tournament takes place over two days and carries the biggest guarantee of the series at €250,000.

E129 takes place as part of four events comprising the 2020 Unibet Open Online. The four events are spread out over the final week of the series, and collectively make up what could be considered the main events of the series schedule.

Along with the €250,000 E129 tournament, other 2020 Unibet Open Online events include the E128 UOS Unibet Open Online High. Similar in name to E129, this event comes at a €100 buy-in and offers a €25,000 guarantee. E128 and E129 run currently, both starting at 19:00 Central European Time on Oct. 11.

The other pair of events rounding out the Unibet Open Online include the Oct. 8 E111 UOS Unibet Opener Online High (€100 buy-in, €15,000 guaranteed) and the Oct. 10 E123 UOS Unibet Opener Online Warm-Up High (€100 buy-in, €15,000 guaranteed).

High, Mid, Low, and Nano stakes at the Unibet Poker Online Series

The "High" destination on the tournaments described above represent tournaments in the High buy-in tier of the Unibet Poker Online Series. The 132 events in the series are broken down in four separate tiers, and each tier also comes with its own points-based leaderboard.

High tournaments range from €100 to €1,100 buy-ins, and the top 30 finishers on the High leaderboard take home extra money at the end of the series. The High leaderboard champion earns €1,000, with points awarded based on where players finish in the High tier tournaments.

The Mid tier involves tournaments with buy-ins from €25 to €50, and the top 50 finishers on the Mid leaderboard come away with bonus cash. The Low group of tournaments (€5 to €10) pays off the 100 finishers on the Low leaderboard.

The Nano leaderboard (for tournaments with buy-ins from €0.25 up to €1) splits up €1,500 among all qualifying leaderboard contenders. All players registering for at least 31 Nano events get a share of the leaderboard cash.

The Unibet Poker Online Series also features an overall leaderboard, with points earned in High, Mid, and Low events going toward the overall leaderboard totals. More than €10,000 will be awarded among the top 100 finishers, with the No 1. spot on the overall leaderboard earning €2,200.

Other notable events

A unique offering on the Unibet Poker Online Series schedule comes in the form of the Bubble Buster Tournament, which invites all players who bubble out of a series event for one more shot at victory. The Bubble Buster Tournament kicks off Oct. 14, the final day of the series.

Mystery Tournaments are also set to appear at random times during the series. These freeroll events can appear on the game menu at any time, offering a total of €2,000 across an unspecified number of events.

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