2022 WSOP Main Event: Espen Jorstad leads final three ahead of battle for $10 million prize

Jon Pill
Posted on: July 16, 2022 08:39 PDT

It started with 8,663 big dreams, each backed by a $10,000 buy-in and a stack of 50,000 in tournament chips.

Now, there are just three players and none of them will walk away with less than $4,000,000 in cash before taxes. But at this point, Adrian Attenborough of Australia, Michael Duek of Argentina, and Espen Jorstad of Norway are in it for the nice round ten million in U.S. fiat that is set aside for first place.

Jorstad has the current lead. He has 298 million in chips with blinds at 1.5 million-3.0 million with a 3.0 million big blind ante. His chip stack and aggressive play make him the bookie's favorite to win the top money.

Though even with $10 million in tasteful green on the line, all three players are really in it for the gaudy bracelet. This year's Main Event bracelet is made with five hundred grams of 10 karat gold and around 2,800 rocks of various hues, sizes, and cuts. Its heart is a poker chip that can be popped out for use as a card protector.

For streaming purposes, the final table has been broken up over several days. As a result, Jorstad and co have already had two full days of play under the klieg lights. Along the way the last four representatives of the U.S. fell away, Jeffrey Farnes in 6th being America's last hope.

The rest of the table consisted of a global spread that took in Canada (Aaron Duczak in 7th), Croatia (Matija Dobric in 5th), Argentina, Norway, and Australia (our final three).

The final three return to finish the game at 2 p.m. Vegas time, with 25 minutes and 20 seconds left on the clock for the current level.

2022 WSOP Main Event final three chip counts

Seat Player Name Country Chip Stack (Big Blinds)
No. 1 Adrian Attenborough Australia 149,800,000 (50)
No. 2 Michael Duek Argentina 72,100,000 (24)
No. 3 Espen Jorstad Norway 298,000,000 (99)

And the rest of the 2022 WSOP Main Event final table

Position Player Name Country Payout
1st TBC - $10,000,000
2nd TBC - $6,000,000
3rd TBC - $4,000,000
4th John Eames United Kingdom $3,000,000
5th Matija Dobric Croatia $2,250,000
6th Jeffrey Farnes United States $1,750,000
7th Aaron Duczak Canada $1,350,000
8th Philippe Souki United Kingdom $1,075,000
9th Matthew Su United States $850,675
10th Asher Conniff United States $675,000

Featured image source: Haley Hintze