ACR Pro Rob Kuhn takes on 30-day fasting bet against Shaun Deeb

Mo Afdhal
Posted on: March 25, 2024 07:10 PDT

Today, ACR Pro RobKuhn will embark on a 30-day water fast after agreeing to terms for a proposition bet against ShaunDeeb. The wager will see Kuhn attempt to consume only water, and small amounts of coffee, for the next thirty days.

The two agreed on a 20:1 proposition, with Kuhn putting up $3,000 against Deeb's $60,000, and formulated rules that Kuhn must follow in order to win the bet. Those rules are as follows:

  • Kuhn cannot consume anything other than water, and coffee, for thirty days
  • Kuhn can drink coffee for two hours upon waking
  • Kuhn can consume electrolytes, salt, and vitamins

While the wager may seem dangerous at first glance, Kuhn understands the risks and plans to consult with medical authorities throughout the process. Additionally, Kuhn took a blood test to ensure there were no added risks to his health before finalizing the bet.

Deeb, fresh off his own victory in a weight-loss centered bet against BillPerkins, finds himself on the other side of the coin this time around.

However, while Deeb's year-long bet was more likely to have a long-term benefit for his health, it's tough to argue the same for such an extreme proposition.

Nutrition coach TJ Jurkiewicz points out that as a weight-loss exercise it's "a band aid on the Grand Canyon fix."

He went on to say, "Contestants on The Biggest Loser have a staggering failure rate after the show is done taping. The changes are far too extreme and unsustainable so they just go right back to how life was before they ate 1200 calories and did 3 hours of cardio a day."

Kuhn might not be the only community member to take on Deeb in a water fast bet. Poker journalist LeftyRosenthal wants in on the action at a slightly lower price point, but with the same odds. If Rosenthal wins, he plans to use the profits to play the WSOP Main Event and has pledged to donate 10% of any potential earnings from the event.