Alex Andrei leads Day 3 in £1,100 WSOPC London Main; Harry Lodge crushes High Roller Day 1

Jen Mason
Posted on: August 07, 2023 04:11 PDT

Day 2 of the £1,100 WSOPC Main Event saw a returning field of 181 players (from 1,018 total entrants) speed through to the money and beyond, leaving 24 remaining at bagging-up time. In the lead - just - is Alex Andrei, with a stack just shy of 5,000,000 chips.

So close are Martin Bader and Kevin Gu behind Andrei, however, that under two big blinds separate them, and many experienced players lurk in the average stack zone waiting for their opportunity.  Among them are French crusher Sylvain Loosli (2,215,000), start-of-day leader Daniel Wong (1,435,000) and WPT Nottingham champion Iaran Lightbourne (1,410,000).

The bubble burst in one hand

Falling just short of the prize money was Aria Sharkeshik, whose king-high flush vs. nut flush final match-up saw him miss out on a £2,200 min-cash.  There followed a breakneck race to the last three tables, with play wrapping up before the originally scheduled dinner break.

During the afternoon’s elimination frenzy, many of the leaders were cemented in position in single huge pots – for example Bader busting Jack Benson in a giant four-way hand.  Some players, however, maintained momentum built on Day 1, for example, Rehman Kassam (2,055,000), Ji Woon Kim (4,380,000) and Eric Le Goff (3,340,000).

Visit for all the details of who crushed which starting flight, plus schedule, structure and payout information.

The first player out on Day 3 will receive £6,250, while the winner will take home £160,000 from the £987,460 total prize pool, plus the coveted WSOPC ring.

Top prizes:

Play restarts at noon on Park Lane JW Marriott Grosvenor House, with extended 60 minute blind levels.  Click here for the full WSOPC London schedule.  

Full chip counts for Main Event Day 3 players:

Alex Andrei 4,980,000
Martin Bader 4,835,000
Kevin Gu 4,830,000
Ji Woon Kim 4,380,000
Eric Le Goff 3,340,000
Gianluca Speranza 2,995,000
Jeremias Mendoza 2,920,000
Gaspar Neuman 2,730,000
Pawel Kabut 2,525,000
Sylvain Loosli 2,215,000
Rehman Kassam 2,055,000
Jaswal Yudhishter 2,010,000
Solomon Monderer 1,895,000
Daniel Wong 1,435,000
Pedro Madeira 1,425,000
Iaran Lightbourne 1,410,000
Charles Akadiri 1,150,000
William Blais 665,000
Kevin Parkes 645,000
Tron McEntee 635,000
Victor Ilyukhin 495,000
Alexander Booth 460,000
Ashley Locker 410,000
Takahiko Sakaguchi 405,000

Harry Lodge crushes Day 1 of the £2,200 High Roller

The £2,200 High Roller (Event #9) began just as the £1,100 Main Event was winding down, playing 15 levels which whittled the 173-strong field down to just 23 – three places off the money.

In the lead at the close of play is Harry Lodge, with a stack so huge it barely fit in the overnight bag.  His 3,980,000 is almost double the stack of closest rival Rafael D’Auria (2,175,000) with Daniel Yovchev (2,030,000) and Arnaud Enselme (1,780,000) rounding out the top stacks.

Making late night, bubble-adjacent exits were the likes of Chris Moorman, Alex Peffly, Jack Hardcastle and Kevin Allen, while it looks to be a tense start of day for short stacks Jack O’Neill and Kah Yew Teng.

All who make the money tomorrow are guaranteed at least £4,400 from the £335,620 total prize pool and will play down to a winner from noon.  Along with the WSOPC ring, that winner will receive £80,000.

Top payouts

Play resumes as 12:30pm local time at Grosvenor House on London's Park Lane.

Harry Lodge 3,980,000
Rafael D'Auria 2,175,000
Daniel Yovchev 2,030,000
Arnaud Enselme 1,780,000
Cedric Schwaederle 1,460,000
Jiang Pu 1,455,000
Igor D'Ursel 1,400,000
Daren Bloom 1,160,000
Dean Hutchison 1,100,000
Patrick Kallas 1,000,000
Ewen Trevidy 920,000
Tom Arovaara 900,000
Adam Miller 790,000
Fraser Bellamy 790,000
Tom Hall 765,000
Imad Derwiche 760,000
Diana Kalietina 700,000
Guy Taylor 665,000
Pavlo Veksler 625,000
Keith Johnson 415,000
Benny Glaser 305,000
Kah Yew Teng 100,000
Jack O'Neill 95,000