Angela Jordison's WSOP fangirl moment sends Phil Ivey to the rail

Phil Ivey
Terrance Reid
Posted on: June 29, 2023 07:18 PDT

The World Series of Poker is full of magical moments. Playing against the best in the world, making deep final table runs while your rail cheers, and meeting your poker idols are all things that happen daily during the summer.

Some people lose sight of that magic and overlook those moments when they play this game for long enough. The magical becomes mundane; the dreams become an expected reality.

Angela Jordison Angela Jordison Jamie Thomson

For Angela Jordison, there's still magic left in this game.

An idol takes a seat

While playing the $3,000 No-Limit Hold'em Freezeout, Jordison was moved to a new table. To her surprise, she sits two seats to the left of poker legend Phil Ivey.

Phil Ivey Phil Ivey Joe Giron/

"I realized he was on my right, and I actually screamed, like a startled scream," confessed Jordison. "He's like my favorite. I tell him, 'I'm your biggest fan, I could be the head of his fan club,' all of this embarrassing shit. I bet you hear this all the time," she said.

In true Ivey fashion, he calmly responded, "Yeah, I do."

Ivey gave her all the chips just to get away?

It didn't take long for the newly connected, mutually enthusiastic couple to tangle in a big hand.

Ivey raised from the button with King-nine off-suit. Jordison defended the big blind with Jack-three off-suit. Jordison flopped two pair on the Jack-Eight-Five, all-spade flop.

Jordison check-raised the flop, and Ivey continued with a call. She followed up with a turn bet on the 8h. Ivey stared her down and said, "I'm all in," drawing stone dead. Jordison called to make their shared table experience short-lived.

"Now you have a story," Ivey told her as the inconsequential river fell.

Phil Ivey Phil Ivey Joe Giron/

"I think he punted to me because he just wanted away from me," Jordison laughed.

Whether or not Ivey's #1 fan caused him to put all the chips in drawing dead, we'll never know. We do know that Jordison will always have that story, another link in the chain of legendary Ivey moments.

These are the gifts the WSOP gives us every year. Thanks to Jordison for sharing this one, we shared it on our Poker Instant feed. For more hands and magical moments like these, head over there and check it out for yourself by clicking the button below.

Hear Jordison relay the story and see the full hand history on our Twitter page here.