Are you a Poker Grand Master? Get your ELO rating with Alex Botez and GGPoker

Alex Botez focuses intensely as she plays poker
Author Adam Hampton
Adam Hampton
Posted on: April 03, 2024 14:26 PDT

Fresh from signing successful chess player and streamer Alex Botez, GGPoker has launched a new ranking system for Spin & Gold players which borrows from the world of chess.

The Elo rating system (named for its inventor, Arpad Elo) is a method for evaluating player skill levels in chess, but can also be used in other games such as pool, table tennis, esports and even major sports. It awards points to winners, based on the existing points difference between the players. That means if you beat a lower-ranked player, you’ll win fewer points but drop more if you lose. Take on a higher-ranked opponent and you’ll win more points for a win and lose fewer for a loss.

GGPoker is applying this system to its Spin & Gold jackpot sit & go tournaments, with players able to climb the rankings as they amass victories. Starting in rank E with a 1200 rating, players will rank up as they win points. Once a new rank is achieved, players will remain there until they rank up again - with the exception of the ‘Grand Master’ ranking, reserved for the top 100 players, worldwide. The size of the stakes, or the randomized prize pools, will not affect the points awarded or lost.

Rank Ratings Points
E 1200
D 1500
C 2000
B 3000
A 4000
Master 5000
Grand Master Top 100

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Top content creators compete for $50k Challenge prize

Launching the new rating system, Alex Botez has issued a challenge to her fellow chess content creators. “One of the reasons I am so excited to join GGPoker is being able to share my newfound love of poker with my fellow chess players from across the globe,” said Botez, and the $50k prize on offer for the participant with the highest ELO rating on May 30 should help fire up some enthusiasm.

A number of participating chess content creators have already been announced, including Nemo Zhou, Eric Hansen, Dina Belenk, Jose Pepitoperu and Jan Gustafsson.

“The traits and skills that make good chess players translate so well into poker,” asserted Botez, “I am sure this will be an incredibly close and exciting competition.”

Show your skills and climb the rankings

While the $50k prize challenge is only available to invited guests such as those mentioned above, all GGPoker players are able to see their ELO rating and climb the rankings. And as stakes are not a factor in the points you can win or lose, everyone from micro-stakes players (Spin & Gold games start at just $0.25) to high rollers will compete on a level playing field.

Many of the content creators invited to compete are expected to stream their play at GGPoker, so if you’re a chess fan keen to see how these players’ skills stack up at the virtual tables, go check out their live streams.

And if you’re after a new way to show off your skills and earn bragging rights among your poker playing friends - as well as the chance to hit and win a huge Spin & Gold multiplier - go check out the games at GGPoker. You’ll find more about their new ELO rating system here.