Bill Perkins wins nearly $80k off Landon Tice on Day 2 of heads-up challenge

Bill Perkins wins nearly $80k off Landon Tice on Day 2 of heads-up challenge
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Geoff Fisk
Posted on: June 04, 2021 08:55 PDT

Perkins now up $61k straight up and $781,000 with the spread

The opening day of the Landon Tice vs. Bill Perkins heads-up challenge saw Tice go up big, then settle for an $18k win by session’s end.

Day 2 of the challenge saw Perkins post a decisive victory. The billionaire businessman and recreational poker player posted a nearly $80,000 win in Thursday’s session, putting Perkins ahead straight up against Tice.

Tice and Perkins played 331 hands on Day 2, putting the challenge at 954 hands total so far. The heads-up challenge is scheduled to go 20,000 hands, with the date for the next session set for this Saturday.

Tice agreed to spot Perkins nine big blinds per every 100 hands (9bb/100) in the match. That amounted to Tice beginning the challenge down $720,000 to Perkins.

Perkins’ winning session on Day 2 puts him ahead approximately $61,000 straight up for the challenge, and $781,000 ahead with the 9bb/100 spot included.

Tice posted the exact number for Day 2 as $79,791.33:

“Day 2: -$79.791.33: Fun session, made some hands, lost some hands, but feel really good about it overall. He's got some game, that's for sure. Next session is on Saturday, see ya then,” Tice tweeted after the session.

Poker’s latest big-name heads-up challenge still contains many more hands to be played. The match will continue to play out at $200/$400 stakes.

One buy-in at those stakes amounts to $40,000, so for now Tice is down around 1.5 buy-ins straight up. He’ll need to gain around 20 buy-ins on Perkins by the end of the challenge to beat the $720,000 spot.

Heads-up challenge continues at Americas Cardroom

ACR Team Pros Jon Pardy and Drew “BetOnDrew” Gonzalez called the Day 2 action on the Americas Cardroom Twitch channel, with the 331-hand session playing out on the Winning Poker Network.

One of the biggest hands from the session starts at the 56-minute mark of the ACR Twitch stream. Landon “AbsoluteGO” Tice opens to $1,000, and Bill “gastrader” Perkins three-bets to $4,400. Tice makes the call, making the pot $8,800 going to the flop.

That flop comes 2♦️T♠5♠, Perkins checks, and Tice bets $2,904. Perkins calls the one-third-pot bet.

With $14,606 in the pot, the turn comes 2♠, and both players check. The river falls 5♣, Perkins checks again, and Tice goes all-in, amounting to a 3x overbet for Perkins’ remaining $41,356 stack.

Perkins doesn’t take long before making the call. Tice turns over K♣4♣, but the bluff attempt doesn’t get through as Perkins tables J♠J♦️. The hand sends a $97,320 pot to Perkins.

That hand puts the billionaire investor ahead for the session and the challenge overall to that point. Perkins and Tice will get back at it again this Saturday on the online streets at ACR, with live stream coverage once again available on the Americas Cardroom Twitch channel.

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