Bilzerian gets his own Doug Polk challenge, but is he "man enough" to take it?

Jon Pill
Posted on: November 19, 2020 13:44 PST

Instagram influencer Dan Bilzerian called out semi-retired poker-pro Doug Polk this week for being down in his game against Daniel Negreanu .

The two controversial figures have a long history of sniping at one another.

Hearing that Negreanu had taken the lead in the Polk-Negreanu grudge match, Bilzerian tweeted, " @DougPolkVids congrats heard you’re killing the hu match." The glee in seeing his enemy brought low for a few hundred hands leaps off the screen.

Polk was having none of it. "You want next bud?" Polk clapped back. "I'd say lets go but you aren't man enough to play without begging for odds."

The last line is a reference to a recently released chat log in which Bilzerian refers to Polk as a "dipsh*t" in the same line that Bilzerian explains that he needs 10 to 1 odds before he'll play Polk.

Though Bilzerian claims to be a poker pro, he is rarely seen playing against actual professionals.

The Bilzerian identity

Some say Dan Bilzerian has a long time habit of talking big and walking small.

You may remember the Vegas shooting, where Bilzerian ran until he was safe (very sensibly). Then he filmed himself trying to get a gun , as if he wanted to go back and return fire on the shooter.

At times he seems to talk like he's a UFC fighter , but is best known for having kicked a woman in the face after she was on the floor, and throwing a pornstar off a roof.

He claims to be a self-made businessman. But seems to have inherited money from his father. He runs a business that lost $43 million last year, but spent plenty of that $43 million on himself as CEO, billing it as "publicity" according to Forbes magazine.

A feud as old as DNegs's

The two social media personalities have been circling each other for a while. Talking a tough game to each other on social media, but never putting it to the test.

In 2018, they got into a spat over one of Polk's videos.

That resulted in Polk cutting Blitz with, a tweet that said "Professional poker players know that just because a decision is profitable it doesn't mean it was the correct one. Doesn't surprise me you don't realize that."

Plenty in the poker community would love to see Bilzerian put his, or more likely a backer's, money where his mouth is and take Polk on.

But I wouldn't bet on that coming to pass, you might be better off putting your money into Ignite. It just hit CA$0.61 per share, down from its peak in September 2019 of CA$2.46. You won't make much, but you might lose less.

Polk lamented the state of affairs. He wrote, "This is my life now." Joey Ingram replied, "Welcome back brother."

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