Brandon Adams at center of Stand Up Game squabble on No Gamble, No Future

Mo Afdhal
Posted on: February 28, 2024 15:56 PST

It all started with the Stand Up Game.

On the most recent episode of PokerGO's No Gamble, No Future a fracas erupted at the table after BrandonAdams failed to show his winning hand in a Stand Up Game pot.

After taking down a pot against AussieMatt, Adams took his seat and slid his cards, face down, towards the dealer. Once the dealer had collected his cards, Aussie Matt pointed out that Adams hadn't shown the winning hand and, thus, by the rules of the Stand Up Game, should have to remain standing.

No Gamble No Future Antonio Abrego

Rules of the Stand Up Game

Normally, when mistakes of this nature occur -- and they do occur fairly often -- the player at fault quickly admits their mistake and the game moves on. Adams, however, protested and remained in his seat, claiming that he didn't know the exact rules of the game.

"I didn't know the rule that you must show. I only know the rule that if you win a hand, you sit down. That's the only rule that I know of the Stand Up Game," argued Adams.

The table wasn't having that. NikAirball and Aussie Matt, in particular, took serious umbrage with Adams' shirking of the rules. Neither of them believed that Adams misunderstood the rules. Both Aussie Matt and Airball had yet to regain their seats at this point, a key detail that explains, in part, the level of outrage. Airball then went on to protest the Stand Up Game altogether, refusing to participate.

Jean-RobertBellande, the elder statesman of the group, tried to take control of the situation to keep things from spinning out of control -- a tall order with Airball at full volume. Aussie Matt suggested that Adams be allowed to keep his seat, but not collect the $2,000 bounty from the last man standing at the end of the game -- an idea that Bellande threw his support behind.

Fair compromise, right? Wrong, at least in Airball's eyes.

No Gamble No Future Antonio Abrego

Nik Airball left standing

Adams then claimed that during the prior day's taping they had played the Stand Up Game without the "Must Show" rule.

Bellande called out to the show's producers, asking for confirmation of the "Must Show" rule being in effect the prior day. The producers confirmed that Adams had played with the rule in place, even stating that they made it explicitly clear. With the advent of this new information, the table came to a consensus that Adams must stand up and continue battling for his seat.

To his credit, Adams accepted the final ruling without further protest and vacated his seat. Resolution? Yes, but the tempers at the table -- Airball's in particular -- remained hot for the rest of the episode.

The kicker? Airball went on to lose that particular round of the Stand Up Game, paying each player $2,000 for his troubles. When it rains, it pours.

You can watch No Gamble No Future on PokerGO, with a new episode dropping each Wednesday.

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