Brian Rast dominates for his third WSOP Poker Players Championship

Brian Rast
Terrance Reid
Posted on: June 23, 2023 04:55 PDT

Earlier this week, the World Series of Poker released their 2023 Poker Hall of Fame Finalists. The legend that crushes among us, Brian Rast, was deservedly on that list.

Well, as if called to action to further solidify his deservedness, Rast made an even stronger case for himself by winning the event that many consider one the most prestigious bracelets of the summer.

Champion Brian Rast Champion Brian Rast
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Brian Rast bested 98 of the toughest players on the planet to win the $50,000 Poker Players Championship for the third time. That's three of the most coveted bracelets in the world to make his WSOP bracelet total an impressive six in all. Rast takes home $1,324,747 for his victory.

2023 $50,000 Poker Players Championship results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Brian Rast United States $1,324,747
2 Talal Shakerchi United Kingdom $818,756
3 Matthew Ashton United Kingdom $573,679
4 James Obst Australia $411,824
5 Kristopher Tong United States $303,071
6 Phil Ivey United States $228,793
7 Ray Dehkharghani United States $177,294

Why this one means so much

The Poker Players Championship attracts the best to ever play the game. With extremely deep stacks, long levels, and nine games in play; the event truly allows the best of the best to shine clearly.

This week, it was Rast that shone brightest as he so often does; displaying the dominance, confidence, and gratitude that come with a career as glorified as his.

Heads Up Brian Rast Heads Up Brian Rast
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Rast seemed in the zone during the entire final table, focused on the task at hand and whittling down his opponents in his path to victory. That focus gave way to emotional expression as soon as the title was forever his.

Rast pulled out his phone to share his news with his wife in Brazil in a private moment on the most public of stages.

Only two in the world have done this

Winning the Poker Players Championship once is a highlight of any poker career, and deservedly so. However, only two players in the world have ever won this thing three times.

Michael Mizrachi was the only one to have ever achieved three titles in this pinnacle of mixed-game mastery; he won it in 2010, 2012, and 2018. Daniel "Jungleman" Cates had high hopes of winning three in a row this year, though that dream died fairly early on in the event.

This year was made for Brian Rast as he becomes only the second player to ever win three titles in this event. 2011 was Rast's "first major tournament victory," according to him. He won his second in 2016. Now, in 2023, he wins the legacy-cementing third.

Hall of Fame bound?

Rast is on the Hall of Fame ballot for the second time this year. It's hard to argue against his success against the world's elite, his mastery of all the games, and his standing the test of time.

The WSOP will announce the upcoming Hall of Fame inductee on July 13th during the Hall of Fame tournament. The inductee is always voted in by those already in the honorable group. Read more about the selection process in Brad Willis' article here .

I'm sure Rast will be in that group. His display of poker prowess, respect of his peers, and gratitude for the game displayed this week act as a microcosm if his entire poker career. Careers like that should be honored.

Brian Rast Brian Rast
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The only question is: will it come this week?

Congratulations to Brian Rast for his performance at the highest level and for winning one of the most coveted WSOP bracelets in existence. We can't wait to see what's next.