Chance Kornuth's Vegas home on sale for $3.25 million

Jon Pill
Posted on: May 29, 2022 09:00 PDT

If you've ever wondered how the poker-1% live, the Ivan Sher Group — a Las Vegas realtor — can give you a little insight. The Ivan Sher Group has the listing for Chance Kornuth's Vegas pad, a sprawling six-bed, seven-bath detached house in a golfing community.

Listed at $3,250,000, the 570 square meter (6,103 sq. ft.) property is just south of Paradise and about a 20-minute drive from the Strip. The house is one of several in the residential area attached to the Southern Highlands members-only golf course.

Chance Kornuth has a little over $10 million in live cashes including a $486,000 win for first place at the WPT Choctaw two weeks ago. That goes a long way to cover the mortgage payments on a house like this.

He bought the house in 2018 while it was still being built and is already moving on. He leaves behind at least two fireplaces, an enclosed courtyard, an exercise/game room, a wet bar, and a wine cellar.

As you might expect of a poker player's house, there is also plenty of room to set up a poker table and though it doesn't appear in the realtor's photos, probably a pool table.

Bankroll buildings

With the 2022 WSOP coming up, one wonders if Kornuth is looking for something even closer to the action or is trying to liquidate some assets ahead of the series. It's going to take a lot of ready scratch if he is planning to run himself in the $25k fantasy league or take a shot at player of the year, which has a new formula and sponsor this year.

Certainly, the scale of the WSOP might be attractive to someone who is looking to sell their house in during an economic downturn. Staff are predicting what might be the biggest main event yet.

While the house is still on the market, anyone whose looking for somewhere to stay in Vegas (or who are just a bit nosy and fancy poking around a bit) can get in touch with Ivan Sher to arrange a viewing.

Featured image source: The Ivan Sher Group