Chris Moneymaker announces ACR's CUB3D will return for another Encore Performance

Jon Pill
Posted on: August 30, 2022 07:24 PDT

Americas Cardroom ran the CUB3D series from July 31 to August 29. Now, ACR has announced they will be extending the series with one of their regular CUB3D Encore Performances. The Encore will run from Sept 4 to Sept 26.

The main CUB3D series put together a stacked schedule of events in three phases. In total these three phases had combined guarantees across all the tournaments of $25 million. ACR has sorted the phases by stake. There is the the MOSS (low-stakes), OSS (medium-stakes), and BOSS (high-stakes) phases. Each phase has its own main event.

The CUB3D Encore series will have $20 million in guarantees with 57 events in its first week Many of these events run in high, medium, and low stake versions.

Chris Moneymaker, ACR's best known team pro, was wheeled out for the press release, saying: "We're following up the very-popular $25 million OSS Cub3d with one of our patented OSS Cub3d Encores. It's all in the middle of our incredible 21st Anniversary Celebration, which is running May to October."

Moneymaker will soon be running live events under his own banner in his soon-to-open card room in Kentucky.

Highlights of the CUB3D Encore

There will be two tournaments with $1 million guarantees during the CUB3D Encore. These are the $630 Main Event on Sept 18 and the $2,650 Main Event on Sept 25.

Three large scale tourneys will have multiple day one flights.

The buy ins for these three events are tiered. The cheapest will cost $22 to play. The mid-stakes event will cost $215 to play. And the high-stakes event will cost $630 to play. ACR has not announced the guarantees for these multi-flight events.

ACR's Twitter team wrote: "Everybody loves an encore! That’s why we’re following up our $25 Million #OSSCub3d with a $20 Million encore performance."

You can see a full schedule for the CUB3D Encore on ACR's website.

Featured image source: Americas Cardroom