Creator Poker Night stream on Hustler Casino Live brings a new audience to poker

Jon Pill
Posted on: April 28, 2022 08:51 PDT

The tendency toward using streaming and online content creators to advertise poker has helped boost the 2020-... poker boom by bringing poker to the attention of new audiences. Hustler Casino Live joined forces with WPT Global to set up a star-studded Creator Poker Night stream in this vein.

The show had Jamie Kerstetter in the commentary box, and featured a table headlined by Woman FIDE Master,  Alexandra Botez; esports commentator and competitor, Ludwig Ahgren; and video game streamers, "QTCinderella" and "Sliker".

They were joined by five other content creators from the worlds of Twitch, Youtube, and Instagram: Margaux Brooke, "Fuslie", "Ovilee", "Sykkuno", and "Slime".

The HCL stream has always been an excellent antidote to the overpolished play of more "serious" cash game shows. This stream, with its anarchic energy, non-stop table talk, and a general air of amateurish goodwill certainly fits that bill.

Everyone started with $2,500 in chips and a second $2.5k bullet in their pocket. The blinds started at $5/$10. After each hour of play, the blinds ticked up and whoever had the most cash at the end of the session would win a trophy and an extra $5k to go with whatever they made at the table.

Fun was had by all...

The game was a departure from the usual HCL fare. There were no professionals at the table at all. In fact, Sliker had to be coached through the sequence of play through the first hand.

The opening hand saw six of the seven players at the table go to the flop (two players were running late). The hand ended in a welter of chaotic explanations from all quarters about how the showdown works. In that chaos, Botez took down the first hand.

It was the first of many over the course of the next few hours. She finished with the biggest stack — some $10,675 — and showed by far the best handle on the game (as you might expect from someone who plays chess professionally. Botez's victory was despite her folding the nuts on the river in response to a ten-times-pot all-in from Sykkuno just before play ended.

Slime was close on her heels with $10,385, some of which he had given away to busting players. Sykkuno was the only other player to turn a profit. QTCinderella, Sliker, and Ludwig were busto, and everyone was down around $600-$800.

You can watch the full stream on Youtube.

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Featured image source: Youtube