Daniel Negreanu urges followers to get vaccinated

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Jon Sofen
Posted on: July 23, 2021 22:00 PDT

Get vaccinated against COVID-19 is the message a frustrated Daniel Negreanu begged of his Twitter followers. The GGPoker ambassador is growing tired of the anti-vax movement that seems to be growing by the day.

"For the anti vaxxers in my timeline take a look at these Alabama stats. 1 in 400 dying of Covid. Worst vaccination rate of any state. The people dying are not vaccinated. Do us all a favor and just get it done so we can all go back to living normally," Negreanu tweeted.

Preaching but no one is listening

Negreanu is running into the same issue medical experts have been the past six months — convincing Conservatives to get vaccinated. Many Conservatives oppose the vaccine because they feel it infringes on their personal freedoms or they're convinced the government created the vaccine to harm its citizens.

The Poker Hall of Famer, however, doesn't seem to care much about the political side of the COVID-19 vaccine. He just wants life to get back to normal.

"My issue is that these people are slowing the progress to get to normal life and I don’t want to see vaccinated people face mandates because of the decisions made by those not getting it," Negreanu said in response to a follower questioning why the poker pro cares what other people choose to do with their health.

Many comments in the thread were critical of Negreanu encouraging Americans to get vaccinated. A quick scan over the profiles of those who disagreed with the original tweet all, unsurprisingly, support the previous U.S. President, Donald Trump.

"Not a chance in hell Daniel. Do some research in between hands and check out doctors with the same credentials on the other side of the opinion. That’s if you can find their content amongst the censorship," Twitter user @jeremykean, whose profile bio doesn't mention a background in epidemiology, wrote.

"Glad to hear that you trust the government. Most of us don’t. And for good reason," a paranoid @DoaGoodJob argues.

Spoiler alert, the government didn't create any vaccine. All COVID-19 vaccines were created by pharmaceutical companies. And the U.S. government isn't the only government around the world encouraging its citizens to get vaccinated. The shot is available in hundreds of countries around the world.

According to recent data, the unvaccinated represent 99.5% of all COVID-19 deaths. In the United States, over 626,000 Americans have died from the coronavirus. Worldwide, more than 4.1 million are dead from the virus.

With the Delta variant rapidly spreading, certain cities and states are beginning to bring back COVID-19 restrictions. In Las Vegas, face masks are again required for workers at every local business, including casinos. And in Los Angeles, everyone must wear a face mask indoors. Hence, why Negreanu is encouraging his followers to get vaccinated. The only problem is his requests are falling on deaf ears. Only 49% of Americans are fully vaccinated, and it appears most of the rest have no interest in getting the shot because they apparently believe they know more about medicine than actual doctors.

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