Doug Polk streams six-figure cash game at the Lodge

Jon Pill
Posted on: August 29, 2022 04:05 PDT

August has been a huge month for high-stakes poker cash games.

No Gamble, No Future launched on PokerGO, with Jeff Platt and Buffalo Hanks in the commentary booth. Live at the Bike! went for big-name excitement, putting on a series of cash games built around Phil Hellmuth. Hustler Casino Live just went for big — a week of $200-$800 big blind cash games. It's climactic stream set a half-dozen records for length, size, and price tag.

And that's just the last ten days.

The Lodge didn't especially try to beat out the competition, but its stream team did try to make a splash in its regular high-stakes game. Doug Polk, part owner of The Lodge and one of its biggest draws, tries to play at least once a week on the $25/$50 stream and has been increasing his starting stack lately.

He started August with a bang, buying into the game for $125,000, making it a rare six-figure-stack-day at The Lodge. Most weeks he buys in extremely deep (this week he was sat in front of $85,000 to start with). While most weeks players are in for $10-20k, there's the occasional player who comes out swinging for Polk's stack.

This week Yoo Chan ran his second $15k buy-in up to almost $75k, putting Polk in danger of losing some real cash. In the end both players avoided each other till closing time. Yoo Chan was the only profitable player, with Polk coming out about $10k behind.

While there's not nearly the same amount of fireworks on The Lodge Live Stream it's often a great spot to see a mix of very solid professionals and very soft fish go toe-to-toe.

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Featured image source: The Lodge Club's Youtube channel.