Doyle Brunson hacked, locked out of Twitter account

Doyle Brunson poker
Jon Sofen
Posted on: August 07, 2020 05:03 PDT

You may have noticed that Doyle Brunson has been absent from Twitter for quite some time. The disappearance wasn't intentional, his son reported.

The poker legend, dubbed the "Godfather of Poker," has over 394,000 Twitter followers and he posts frequently. Well, he did post frequently, up until June 11. Since then, he's been M.I.A. from poker Twitter and some were concerned the 86-year-old two-time world champion may be suffering some health issues. That isn't the case, thankfully, as Todd Brunson shared with his followers.

So, there you have it. If you receive a suspicious email from Doyle Brunson asking you to buy something, delete the message. Doyle's email was hacked and he's been unable to access his Twitter account due to a password reset issue which, his son claims, has been an ongoing problem for two months.

"Texas Dolly" will spend his 87th birthday in Las Vegas where he resides on Monday. He won't be able to share the details of his big day on Twitter, however. But we're sure the 10-time WSOP bracelet winner would appreciate some happy birthday wishes.

Pamela Brunson, Doyle's daughter, originally reported in June that her father was locked out of his Twitter account. She called for Twitter's support team to assist her father in logging back into his account. But here we are nearly two months later and the issue hasn't been resolved. And, even worse for the poker great, his email account has been hacked.

Doyle's account, however, remains active, he just can't log into it. Poker fans can still view his old posts. If the high-stakes pro is never able to post again on the social media platform, the following was his final tweet:

"My internet has been out all day. I felt like I had lost my best friend," Brunson wrote on June 11, 2020.

Controversial Twitter account

Doyle Brunson is one of the most beloved poker players of all-time. The 1983 Poker Hall of Fame inductee has the second largest Twitter following — 394,000 followers — among poker players. Only Daniel Negreanu, who has 487,000 followers -- has a larger fan base on the platform.

But despite having hundreds of thousands of fans from all over the world, he also has his fair share of haters. Much of that is due to his openly conservative political views. Much like Negreanu, who is openly liberal and receives backlash from those with opposing views, Doyle's political posts are often met with criticism from those who have a different take on the world.

He has engaged in some not-so civil debates in the past with liberal poker players such as Vanessa Selbst who has long openly shared her disdain for the poker icon. But there are also many who were disappointed to discover that Doyle may never be able to re-access his Twitter account.

"I really feel the loss of his Twitter feed. Doyle followed me, a random fan from Canada, so we could DM chat about old western movies. I couldn’t believe it. It really blew me away, and he’s seen every western made. And now I may never talk to him again. This sucks," Adam Parsons (@Limpyadam) wrote.

"Todd, set up a second twitter account and get him back out here. its easy and fast and he will insta have thousands of followers," Dan Dandreo (@PuckPokerTeam) suggested, as did a few others, on Todd Brunson's post.

Doyle Brunson has 10 WSOP bracelets, two Main Event titles, millions in cash game earnings, and over $6 million in live tournament earnings. But, apparently, he no longer has access to a Twitter account.