Elky rounding on the cash game streaming circuit

Jon Pill
Posted on: August 06, 2022 06:33 PDT

Bertrand "Elky" Grospellier was doing the rounds on poker's cash game streaming circuit last month. IN the space of a week, he appeared on both the Hustler Casino Live stream and on a stream for HCL's main competition, Live at the Bike.

Taking time out of his new career as a professional Hearthstone player he dropped into the U.S. for the WSOP. At the series, Grospellier was nominated for the Poker Hall of Fame for the second year running. This year he lost out to Layne Flack who passed away last year.

With the Series over, Grospellier headed to L.A., for California's two biggest live streaming shows — one at the Bicycle and one at the Hustler.

The streams were facilitated by Grospellier's friend "YoH Viral" and GGPoker, a company with which Grospellier has a sponsorship contract.

A tale of two cash games

The LATB show was, as usual, a slightly more grown-up affair than HCL. The stacks were smaller and the play less swingy.

Unlike several of the players, Grospellier showed up to play with a VPIP in the high thirties he managed to do off a modest $4,950 on the stream after the cards ran against him.

A few days later the French phenom was at the Hustler, mixing it up with many of the same players including Andy and YoH Viral.

The stakes were the same on this stream. Though, for much of the time, the straddle was in play making it a $50/$100/$200 game with a $100 big blind ante.

However, there was a lot more money on the table during the HCL stream. At the Bike the biggest stack at the end of the night was about $80k deep. At Hustler, six of the nine final stacks were deeper than that, and the deepest was $240,675.

Elky was the big winner this time, making a profit of $60,700 on the six-hour stream. That more than made up for his showing on LATB.

You can watch both streams in full on Youtube.

Featured image source: Youtube