Esports team puts on charity poker tourney

Jon Pill
Posted on: March 18, 2021 09:00 PDT

Team Liquid and Poker Powher are teaming up for a charity event that will bring together the increasingly overlapping world of poker and esports.

The event will be split into two tourneys. On March 26th at 6 PM ET, they will be streaming an advanced table on the Team Liquid Twitch channel . The day after that will be the beginner's table. At that time, some poker newbies will have a chance to perform for the cameras. All the players in both flights are prominent women in the esports industry.

Both tourneys will be winner-take-all, with the prize going to the winning player's designated charity.

Team Liquid tweeted about the event. "We’re teaming up with @pokerpowher to host a Women in Esports Charity Tournament, featuring some of the biggest esports orgs!"

Poker? I hardly Powher

Poker Powher is a company with a simple mission. Their goal is to teach one million women how to play poker.

Poker Powher's goals are based around the idea that "there’s a strong connection between women’s success, money ownership and the game of poker." The idea is that by learning Texas hold'em, their customers will also be learning "to compete and succeed in business, finance, and more—all in a fun, supportive, safe-to-fail environment."

Being an organization focused on women in poker, they welcome anyone who identifies "as female, regardless of assignment at birth." Though they do encourage male allies to support and promote their work.

Team Liquid is a Dutch/American esports team that started out playing Starcraft: Brood War and transitioned to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive via Starcraft II.

Who's playing?

Advanced Table, March 25th @ 6 PM ET:

  • Nemo, Content Creator, CLG (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health)
  • Britanni Johnson, Head of Creators, G2 Esports (Gamers Outreach)
  • Kelly Richard, Social Campaign Manager, Team Liquid (Girls Who Code)
  • MissHarvey, Director of Esports Franchise Dev and Outreach, CLG (Garden of Dreams)
  • Nicole Lapointe Jameson, CEO, Evil Geniuses (Give a Beat)
  • Fasffy, Team Manager, Team Liquid (Joyful Heart Foundation)
  • Heather Garozzo, VP of Talent, Dignitas (Gamers Outreach)

Beginner's table, March 26th @ 1 PM ET:

  • Tricia Sugita, CEO, Flyquest (The Bee Conservancy)
  • Kristen Salvatore, Senior VP of Marketing, Cloud9 (Second Harvest)
  • Erin Simon, Co-owner, XSET (Black Girls Code)
  • Izzy Mueller, General Manager, Overwatch & C9 White (German Red Cross)
  • Ariel Powers, Brand & Diversity Ambassador, Team Liquid (Black Girls Code)
  • Karen Henessey-Coles, VP of People and Culture, Immortals (Gamers Outreach)
  • Krista Hiner, Partner ESG Law (Black Girls Code)
  • Karen Busenlehner, Marketing Project Manager, Evil Geniuses (Alzheimer's Association)
  • Jessica Chernega, Streamer (Joyful Heart Foundation)

Featured image source: Twitter