Fedor Holz, Wiktor Malinowski next in line for heads-up duel

Fedor Holz limitless poker
Jon Sofen
Posted on: March 2, 2021 06:00 PST

Fedor Holz called out Wiktor Malinowski to some heads-up poker on GGPoker, and the offer was quickly accepted. They've agreed to begin the challenge Friday, March 5.

Malinowski, a Polish poker pro, is known in the online poker streets as "Limitless," one of the top internet grinders in the world. He also talks a big game and will have an opportunity to soon back it up against one of the top overall players in poker.

Holz is widely considered one of the best, if not the best, players in the world. The German sensation has crushed it since before he turned 21 both online and live.

In 2016, he won over $16 million in live tournaments and has more than $32 million over his career. Online, under his "CrownUpGuy" screen name, he's won millions more and has extensive experience playing high-stakes heads-up no-limit hold'em.

How we got here

On Joey Ingram's YouTube podcast last summer, Malinowski made a bold challenge to any poker player who wants action.

"I can also offer playing drunk, like drunk on the stream, with a bottle of wine" Malinowski told a laughing Ingram. "And I can play Fedor heads-up, any stakes he wants, it's actually a deal."

Seven months later and that offer has finally been accepted. Holz called out "Limitless" last week, and even mocked him for losing to Fedor's German poker buddy, Stefan Sontheimer, in a brief Twitter vide.

“Yo, Wiktor, what’s up?” a trash-talking Fedor Holz said in the video. “I see you’re getting crushed by Stefan in your heads-up challenge. How’s that going? My condolences. Before he takes all your money, I want to get back to that offer you made on (Joe Ingram’s) podcast to play me drunk, to play me at whatever stakes I want. So, yeah, let’s f*****g do it. I challenge you.”

Upon watching Fedor's video, Malinowski returned fire with his own response video, calling for Holz to come play him any time on GGPoker. Holz then responded with an acceptance to his challenge.

"I accepted this match because I love the challenge, and I cannot wait to take this guy's money," Holz, a GGPoker ambassador, said in a recent short video.

So, the heads-up challenge — "Limitless" vs. "CrownUpGuy" — is officially on, and it begins March 5 on GGPoker at 2 pm ET. Details of the match haven't yet been released. But you can safely assume they'll be playing at extremely high stakes over thousands of hands. May the best heads-up no-limit hold'em player win.

Featured image source: Twitter