First-Hand Hands: Suited Superman vs. DJ Washburn – Hustler Casino Live

Craig Tapscott
Posted on: February 02, 2024 09:41 PST

This hand occurred in the $50/$50 and $50 BB ante game on Hustler Casino Live on January 26. The table was packed with HCL recs and high-stakes regs, including rising star Mariano. 

Ky 'Suited Superman' Nguyen was sitting with $18,850, and to his right, Mariano stacked $65,650. DJ Washburn, to his immediate left, one of the night's big winners thus far, sat with $43,350.

In the video below, Nguyen talks through the hand play-by-play, providing exclusive insight into the thought process of a high-stakes cash game regular.

Who is that mystery man?

Not too long ago, most Hustler Casino Live fans had no clue what the true identity of Suited Superman, the quiet and humble cash game reg on the streams, was. 

The mystery man always wore black-rimmed glasses, ordinary athletic apparel (no spandex), and a baseball cap pulled down low.

So, who was this unmasked man with a Funko POP Clark Kent figurine atop a massive tower of chips before him? If it weren’t for Ky Nguyen’s WPT Gardens Poker Championship win for $357,380 last May, everyone would probably still be in the dark. 

Since that monumental win, the full-time telecommunication engineer and part-time poker superhero has embraced and accepted being in the public eye. 

“I’ve grown my IG feed organically over the last few years,” confessed Nguyen. “People seem to love it and join in deeper discussions of hands I share. They also love sharing the chip porn pics I post [laughs]. Sharing my poker journey is fun for me. I enjoy growing and giving back to the game we all love.”

Suited Superman Suited Superman's trademark chip stack with guardian figurine

Why Ky Nguyen wanted privacy

It took the deep run and eventual winner's trophy at the WPT Gardens Poker Championship last year for Nguyen to open up and reveal his second ‘job’ to his old-fashioned parents in Vietnam.

“For the longest time, I hesitated to share my passion for the game with my family back home, especially my in-laws. 

"In the Asian culture, there can be a stigma and a lot of negativities towards gambling. So, I kept my hobby secret and never revealed my name on stream or told my friends at work. 

"When I made the final table of the WPT Gardens Poker Championship last year, it was the first time I shared my love for poker with my parents. 

"I sent them a link so they could watch me play the final table online. I told them about all the hard work it took to get there. And when I won, it was fun to share my success with them.” 

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