Friendly game of poker in Australia turns ugly after player shot in the face

Posted on: June 25, 2020 08:48 PDT

A pick-up game of poker results in one player being sent to the hospital during a botched robbery

During a high-stakes poker game in Sidney, Australia, two men barged in as if they had copied the best scene of a Hollywood mafia movie to steal the pot, but the attempted theft ended up with one person being shot in the face and two men arrested. Kenny Wang was the victim who ended up with six teeth knocked out when these two men broke into his apartment to commit the robbery. For the police, it is almost certain that the armed intruders had inside knowledge of this poker tournament taking place and that they knew there was at least $10,000 in total prize money.

Inside Wang's apartment in Wolli Creek, there were nine others sitting down to a game of high-stakes Texas Hold'em. The incident happened on June 13, when two men forced their way in and demanded everyone give them all cash and mobile phones. Wang was hit with the pistol and then shot at close range in the face; he was rushed to St George Hospital for emergency surgery. Despite the fact that he was badly wounded, he was able to survive this horrific event.

According to the detectives, this was no casual crime. The criminals certainly had this operation as a target and properly planned the attack. Detective Acting Superintendent Grant Taylor said that he has no doubt that these perpetrators had inside knowledge that there was going to be a game taking place and that there would be a large amount of cash in that apartment during that night.

Alongside the Tactical Operations Unit, the force investigators executed three search warrants at three different properties yesterday. A 24-year-old man and another 23-year-old were arrested during these raids and later charged with armed robbery causing grievous bodily harm. The police found a pellet gun, an electronic stun device and mobiles phones, as well as cannabis and cocaine.