Gambling does gangbusters down-ballot

Jon Pill
Posted on: November 05, 2020 11:29 PST

It feels appropriate that the state of Nevada is likely to be the one that settles the millions of dollars that are riding on whether Trump or Biden takes the hiding.

While America hangs on the herky-jerky knife-edge of the electoral college, no one is paying much attention to the rest of the little ticks, crosses, dots, and chads of the ballots. But the gambling world had a vested interest in a number of down-ballot calls. Luckily the relevant proposals were all in states where the votes have been counted deep enough to call.

So, here’s what you need to know about the election results that really matter.

Way down in Louisiana

Louisiana voters had the option to vote Yea or Nay on whether their parish should legalize sports betting.

55 of the 64 parishes of the Pelican State voted with Ryan Berni, spokesperson for Louisiana Wins. He suggested that they could, "keep those dollars here in Louisiana to grow our economy and make investments in things like education and infrastructure.”

Though these states have voted to legalize sports betting, Lieutenant Colonel Mike Noel of the Louisiana Gaming Control Board says the first bets won’t be cast before 2022.

"The legislature has to layout the framework,” he said. “And then the rule-making process is a four-to-six-month process. Once that happens, the entities that want to participate will have to apply and get licensed."

The eagle flies on a South Dakota morning

Amendment B in South Dakota passed by handy margin. Giving the city of Deadwood’s casinos the right to takes sports bets. The new law also applied to South Dakota’s Indian casinos.

They also legalized marijuana, so big day all round.

The state legislature is already getting things moving to put the right bits of paper in front of the right people so that everyone can lay their money down and smoke up.

Baltimore - or, no one writes songs about Maryland

Maryland is the last of the sports betting hat trick.

They passed Question 2 with a 2-1 margin, legalizing sports betting at licensed locations.

The state has earmarked tax takings from the new industry for education. Hopefully, they’ll be focusing on the stats modules of AP Math.

Colorado rocky mountain high

Colorado has legal gambling in just three cities: Central, Black Hawk, and Cripple Creek.

Voters could punch their ballot either against or in favor of approving “a maximum single bet limit of any amount” and expanding “allowable game types in addition to slot machines, blackjack, poker, roulette, and craps.”

Or they could vote to be killjoys, according to the “increase the fun” campaign.

The fun passed the vote and the cities themselves will now vote again on whether to implement the now permitted changes.

Nebraska’s where I’ll stay

Mr. Osbourne could already make his bets on dogs and horses in Nebraskan racetracks, but now he’ll be able to play casino games thanks to the Cornhusker State's voters.

He’ll have to pay 20% on any winnings, which is a pretty steep vig. But he can at least put his money down. Even if he won't be getting much of it back.

Come on down, sweet Virginia

Virginia voted yea on giving the option to build casinos to the cities of Bristol, Danville, Norfolk and Portsmouth, VA.

Each city will have to vote at the city level on whether to allow a casino to be built. But the option is now there if they want it.

So there it is.

The U.S. approved all the gambling options on the ballots. Which we can all hope is a good sign for online poker, whatever the outcome of the current election.

Featured image source: Flickr