Garnishment order approved on Mississippi's Beau Rivage casino in attempt to seize Mike Postle's tournament winnings

Veronica Brill
Haley Hintze Author Photo
Haley Hintze
Posted on: January 18, 2023 08:40 PST

Attorneys representing Veronica Brill appear to have been successful in their attempt to file a garnishment writ against Mississippi's Beau Rivage casino targeting almost all of Mike Postle's $32,000 in winnings from a final-table finish in the main event of the Beau Rivage's Million Dollar series.

As reported earlier today, two attorneys working on behalf of Brill worked quickly on Tuesday to forestall the Biloxi, Mississippi casino from paying out to Postle the $32,703 as listed for his seventh-place run. Prominent California first-amendment and prior Brill defense attorney Marc Randazza and Mississippi attorney Rogen Chhabra worked jointly to file the needed legal paperwork and to make the Beau Rivage and parent company MGM Resorts International aware of the ongoing garnishment filing, which was processed by a Harrison County (MS) district court official late yesterday. (Update: An unconfirmed report indicates that despite the writ and accompanying notification, Postle may have succeeded in collecting the disputed winnings late on Tuesday. -- hh)

Postle was ordered by a California court to pay Brill $27,785 in legal fees from his failed $300 million defamation suit against Brill and 11 other defendants. The amount now owed to Brill, with accumulated interest, has grown to at least $30,519.50, according to the writ of garnishment as obtained by PokerOrg:

Anecdotal evidence that the Beau Rivage has received and acknowledged the garnishment filing has already emerged. Beau Rivage player and Twitter poster "@PokerDerelict", who published the chip slip showing that Postle had listed himself under the name "Mike Postle" and not "Mike Lawrence", as the Beau Rivage's overnight counts showed, today tweeted a response to an inquiry as to whether the garnishment attempt was real. However, fellow Postle defamation defendant Todd Witteles has posted on his PokerFraudAlert that the "@PokerDerelict" account is operated by a California woman and poker player named Khou Fang, who may be an ally of Postle's:

Casinos, historically, never issue their own statements regarding such legal and financial matters, and the taunting nature of the @PokerDerelict tweet hints at a cozy relationship between Postle and someone within Beau Rivage's staff. However, Brill herself posted an update after receiving an update about the garnishment filing:

Though the garnishment order was seemingly filed with success, it will likely be some time, at least 30 days, before the majority of Postle's Beau Rivage winnings are transferred to Brill. Postle also retains the right to challenge the garnishment order in court. And that's if the disputed prize money remains in the Beau Rivage's possession.

Featured image source: Haley Hintze