German police bust poker game running in spite of the coronavirus lockdown

Posted on: April 17, 2020 08:20 PDT

Trying to bypass government-ordered lockdowns often leads to negative consequences

At this point in time, people should be aware of the risk of the coronavirus and simply follow the stay-at-home recommendations and adhere to social distancing orders. For those who don't, there is always law enforcement. Around 15 people who gathered to have a poker game at a Dortmund restaurant in Germany are now facing thousands of euros in fines for breaking the official restrictions implemented in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The Dortmund city police busted this group late on Wednesday evening, according to a law enforcement statement.

Currently in Germany, there is a restriction that prohibits any public gathering of more than two people, which these players broke when they met at the venue in North Rhine-Westphalia. These measures were implemented since mid-March and extend to restaurants, bars and cafes that can only provide takeaway or delivery service. Wednesday night, when the police arrived, they found these people sitting at two poker tables that were complete with decks of cards and poker chips, as well as drinking products from the bar.

The total amount of all the fine issued by the police officer for violating the order was up to €4,000 ($4,353). Also, the owner of the bar will undergo an investigation process in a separate investigation. In this region, the fines are for €200 ($216) for violating the public gathering restrictions. Just a few weeks ago, police interrupted a party for a 16-year-old with 31 guests. Besides that, the Dortmund authorities said that people have been complying with the new rules, and they will continue supervising to ensure that it stays that way.