GGPoker fires back in rakeback battle with 50% offer

Promotional artwork for GGPoker's Killer Whale rakeback promotion
Author Adam Hampton
Adam Hampton
Posted on: January 24, 2024 24:05 PST

A new GGPoker promotion is offering all players 50% rakeback for 100 days, with no volume requirements or strings attached.

The move comes on the heels of PokerStars’ recently announced changes to its rewards program , which came into effect this week after a slightly delayed launch.

Upon logging in and hitting the ‘Fish Buffet’ button, GGPoker players will be offered the chance to take advantage of the free temporary upgrade to the ‘Killer Whale’ tier of the operator’s Fish Buffet loyalty program.

Once upgraded, players will enjoy 50% rakeback on their play at GGPoker for 100 days, paid weekly every Monday. Any Fish Points they have already earned will be paid in cash at the average cashback rate from their previous level. Opt-in for the 100-day promo is available until February 14th.

A leg up the ladder

The promotion also brings with it the opportunity to increase your rakeback level for the coming year. Once the 100 days of Killer Whale membership have expired, players will automatically move to either the Platinum Whale or Platinum Octopus tiers.

To move to Platinum Whale will require earning 400,000 fish points, by paying $4,000 in rake, during the 100 days of the promotion. Platinum Whales receive 50% rakeback weekly, with membership of the tier available for a year. 1.5 million fish points ($15,000) are required to maintain that status for a second year.

Players who do not rake $4,000 in those 100 days will move to the Platinum Octopus tier, which awards 35% rakeback paid weekly. This status is also available for one year, with 750,000 ($7.5k) required in that time to maintain it for a second year.

Not every GGPoker region has access to the new promotion; if you don’t see the Upgrade button in the Fish Buffet section of the client, chances are it’s not available in your market. If you have questions, GGPoker has created an FAQ just for you.