GGPoker, high-stakes community reach agreement to end boycott of cash games

GGPoker online poker banning
Haley Hintze Author Photo
Haley Hintze
Posted on: April 16, 2023 11:15 PDT

GGPoker, the world's largest cash-game online poker site, has reached a deal with the high-stakes cash-game community to roll back a large increase in rake two weeks ago that resulted in a majority of the site's players at stakes of $25/$50 and higher to boycott the site.

The agreement was announced by British online pro George "you-mad-br0" Froggatt via multiple social-media sites, following at least three rounds of negotiations between GGPoker and the boycott's organizers. Froggatt's post on Twitter (below) also included a couple of tables illustrating how rake at GGPoker's high-stakes tables once most of the rate hike has been reverted.

A GGPoker spokesperson declined to comment on the reported agreement or the boycott in general, following the site's general policy of not commenting publicly on procedural and business matters.

Though GGPoker continues to receive high praise for its cutting-edge technology, the site has also been known for charging rake significantly higher than the industry average. According to the boycott's organizers, the latest rake increase made the site's high-stakes tables virtually unbeatable, given the advanced skill possessed by virtually every player at these tables.

Froggatt also posted, "My personal opinion is this is a huge W for the HS community, and online poker overall. It is the first time in online poker history a boycott has been successful, and we have to credit GG poker, and especially @elkypoker for their side of this." @elkypoker, otherwise know as Bertrand "eLKy" Grospellier, is a prominent GGPoker brand ambassador and a close, longtime friend of GGPoker co-founder and CEO Michael Kim.

Featured image source: GGPoker