GGPoker patches software error within All-In Fortune Jackpot promotion

Haley Hintze Author Photo
Haley Hintze
Posted on: April 21, 2023 04:23 PDT

GGPoker has announced that it has patched a software error within its ongoing "All-In Fortune Jackpot" promotion that resulted in the jackpot feature being triggered slightly less often than announced in the promotion's stated rules. As a result, and in compensation for the error, GGPoker has deposited an amount of twice the calculated error into the promotion's forward-rolling jackpot bank.

According to a statement published recently on the GGPoker Blog, engineers discovered that the jsckpot feature was being triggered by eligible winning hands at a 1.6% rate, rather than the 2.0% rate the promotion's rules claimed. The error was corrected in a software patch activated on Aprill 4, 2023.

"Based on our calculations," GGPoker stated, "a total of 74,704 players were affected by this probability error. Of the affected players, 28,572 received less than they should have, while 46,123 players received more than they should have won. The total amount of the difference in the jackpot was almost $18,000." It is not clear from the post whether GGPoker paid out $18,000 more or less than it should have, had the triggering been correctly calculated and programmed.

GGPoker used that $18,000 discrepancy as the basis for its jackpot-bank adjustment. "To compensate for the discrepancy, we will add twice this amount, $36,000, to the All-In Fortune Jackpot pool []. Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience caused by this error, and please be assured that we took immediate action to rectify the issue."

The All-In Fortune Jackpot's rules remain available on GGPoker's home site, as do the rules for many other promotions the platform currently offers.

Featured image: GGPoker