Global Poker Index launches 2022 Player of the Year races

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Haley Hintze
Posted on: March 17, 2022 07:12 PDT

The Global Poker Index (GPI) has officially launched its Player of the Year races for 2022, incorporating poker tournament results from roughly the first ten weeks of the 2022 calendar. The overall 2022 GPI Player of the Year, the most prestigious of the three separate POY races that the GPI tracks, finds the United States' Jeremy Ausmus atop the rankings at this early juncture.

Ausmus dominated the PokerGO cup series in February held at the Aria in Las Vegas. He posted four six-figure scores in that series, including one win, one runner-up showing, and two third-place finishes. Since the start of 2022, he's logged 11 separate results that have earned him GPI POY points.

Brock Wilson is in second place at this early juncture, followed by 2021's overall POY winner, Ali Imsirovic, in third. The early Player of the Year ranks are dominated by participants in 2022's first run of PokerGO Tour events; five of Ausmus's 11 results, for example, come from such tourneys.

Imsirovic continues to top the GPI's overall global rankings. Unlike the just-launched 2022 POY races, the GPI Global Rankings incorporate a 12-month rolling average and still include a large number of results from Imsirovic's dominant 2021.

The two other Player of the Year categories that GPI tracks and honors are the GPI Mid-Major Player of the Year and the GPI Female Player of the Year. Indonesia's Ankit Ahuja holds the top spot in the Mid-Major POY race, with the top five players all jammed within 75 points at this early juncture.

In the GPI's Female POY race, the U.S.'s Kristen Nyman and Christina Gollins hold the top two spots and are several hundred points ahead of the third-place woman, Germany's Jessica Vierling. Last year's GPI Female POY, Nadya Magnus, currently sits in tenth.

The winners in each of these three GPI Player of the Year races will be honored at the 2022 Global Poker Awards, which have yet to be scheduled but are likely to be held in Las Vegas in February of 2023.

Here are the current GPI category leaders:


  1. Ali Imsirovic (BIH) 3,142.28
  2. Shannon Shorr (USA) 2,880.51
  3. Chance Kornuth (USA) 2,847.32
  4. Jeremy Ausmus (USA) 2,814.42
  5. Sean Perry (USA) 2,776.59


  1. Jeremy Ausmus (USA) 2,318.30
  2. Brock Wilson (USA) 2,048.32
  3. Ali Imsirovic (BIH) 1,889.47
  4. Sean Perry (USA) 1,832.54
  5. Darren Elias (USA) 1,548.70


  1. Kristen Nyman (USA) 1,208.92
  2. Christina Gollins (USA) 1,122.09
  3. Jessica Vierling (GER) 867.27
  4. Thi Xoa Nguyen (VIE) 698.48
  5. Elanit Hasas (USA) 690.26


  1. Ankit Ahuja (IND) 1,196.86
  2. Tuan Mai (USA) 1,158.57
  3. Scott Baumstein (USA) 1,142.40
  4. Aaron Massey (USA) 1,140.52
  5. Christina Gollins (USA) 1,122.09

Featured image source: Global Poker Index