Gulf Coast Poker Awards announce 2022 list of nominees

Gulf Coast Poker Awards
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Haley Hintze
Posted on: September 08, 2022 09:09 PDT

The regional Gulf Coast Poker Awards has announced its list of finalists for consideration in the third edition of the regional poker honors, which highlight outstanding poker achievement in the United States' extended Gulf Coast Poker region. The awards, which were founded in 2019 and are affiliated with and its regional Gulf Coast Poker Tour, return after a single year's pandemic-related hiatus with a lead-up toward a ceremony at Harrah's, New Orleans on Friday, September 30th.

Gulf Coast Poker Awards organizer Bill Phillips released the list of finalists after receiving dozens of nominations of worthy candidates in several categories, including Love of Poker, Player of the Year, Industry Professional, Female Player of the Year, Content Provider, Senior of the Year, and the Gulf Coast Poker Tour POY.

The nominations are made by a large number of industry professionals familiar with poker offerings throughout the extended Gulf Coast region, which includes much of the U.S.'s traditional Old South. Once the leading nominees are determined, the industry professionals then vote to determine the winners.

Here are the finalists in all seven categories for the 2022 Gulf Coast Poker Awards:

Love of Poker

  • David Hendrix
  • Carl Masters
  • Paul Dutsch
  • Joseph Hebert
  • Ben Mintz
  • Princess Fitzpatrick (poker dealer)
  • Johnny Masters
  • Michael Vernace (deceased)
  • Bobby Carver (deceased)

Player of the Year

  • Nathanael Kogel
  • Mark Davis
  • Gavin Munroe
  • Matt Higgins
  • Donovan Dean
  • Logan Hewitt
  • Preston McEwen
  • JJ Liu
  • David Diaz

Industry Professional

  • Dennis Jones
  • Justin Hammer
  • Ross Carroll
  • Lisa Crompton
  • Heather Ohlman
  • Chris Hight
  • Brandon Campbell
  • Mack Khan

Female Player of the Year

  • Mary Darnell
  • Prissy Giroir
  • Krista Lowery
  • Dallas Pirman
  • Elanit Hasas
  • Kristen Deardorff
  • Chris Read
  • JJ Liu
  • June Jenkins

Content Provider

  • “Captain” Tom Franklin
  • Ben Mintz
  • Ante Up Magazine
  • Andrew Neeme
  • Jonathan Little
  • Chance Kornuth
  • The Lodge Stream
  • GCP Bill Phillips (ineligible)

Senior of the Year

  • Charles Miller
  • Hamid Izadi
  • Jerry Giroir
  • David Champion
  • Kenneth Schatten
  • Johnny Master
  • Jeter Brock
  • Lonny Weitzel
  • Charles Brady

Gulf Coast Poker Tour POY

  • Stanislav Angelov
  • Donovan Dean
  • Charles Brady
  • Gavin Munroe
  • Matt Higgins
  • Kenneth Mason
  • Dan Lowery
  • Joseph Hebert
  • Charles Johnson
  • Chester Dilday
  • Peace Marvel
  • Benny Morgan

Featured image source: GCP