HCL's Max Pain Monday boasts epic lineup with combined social media audience of 40 million

Mo Afdhal
Posted on: January 15, 2024 05:07 PST

Hustler Casino Live announced the lineup for the Max Pain Monday show this week, offering up a star-studded cast of characters from the world of entertainment.

Musicians, TikTok-ers, YouTubers, film and TV stars--if it's entertainment, chances are someone at the table tonight has done it. R&B legend Ray J, TikTok star and boxer BryceHall, FaZe Clan founder and YouTuber FaZeBanks, social media star TanaMongeau, OnlyFans model ErikaCal, reality tv star PrincessLove, film producer RandallEmmett, magician and video game developer RandyPitchford, and, of course, the one and only DGAF.

Numbers to rival Mr. Beast game

The sheer number of combined subscribers, followers, fans--whatever you want to call them--boggles the mind. Take a look below and try your best to wrap your head around these numbers.

Ray J: 1.4m X , 2.8m Instagram , 158k YouTube
Princess Love: 3.8m Instagram , 142k X
Bryce Hall: 1.3m X , 6.3m Instagram
FaZe Banks: 5m YouTube , 2.7m X, 2.8m Instagram
Tana Mongeau: 2.5m X, 5.5m Instagram , 5.3m YouTube
Erika Cal: 562k X , 608k Instagram, 1m likes on OnlyFans
Randy Pitchford: 695k on X

If even a fraction of the combined followers tune in tonight the show will be a massive success--possibly even rivaling the Mr. Beast game that HCL ran back in 2022. The lineup that night included a mix of poker players and entertainers, including gaming/streaming legends Ninja, xQc, and Ludwig, plus Alan Keating and Phil Hellmuth, and drew an enormous live audience.

Growing the game: Max Pain Monday-style

Assembling this many massive stars serves as a huge testament to the game-running abilities of HCL boss RyanFeldman and Max Pain Monday head honcho DGAF. Credit where credit is due, right? Both of them deserve some.

The poker gameplay on display tonight likely won't match the caliber of skill that longtime fans of the game tune in for--but that's not the point. Instead, the focus of tonight's show centers on growing poker and introducing the game to new audiences. These opportunities don't come often, but when they do, it's paramount that existing community members put forth their best effort to welcome newcomers with open arms.

The poker community has to grow in order to survive, it's that simple. Hustler Casino Live, since its inception, has constantly positioned itself at the forefront of these efforts and tonight's game proves they're still committed to the cause.