He's done it again: Bin Weng wins the WPT EveryOne for OneDrop

Bin Weng WPT EveryOne for OneDrop winner's photo
Terrance Reid
Posted on: July 14, 2023 13:41 PDT

There must be something in the WPT waters that propels Bin Weng to final table success.

Weng is the champion of the $10,500 World Poker Tour EveryoneOne for OneDrop taking home $2,227,054 and the trophy. Weng defeated Scott Baumstein heads-up to become the first championship of this event since the WPT partnered with the OneDrop Foundation.

Bin Weng hugs Scott Baumstein after WPT victory Bin Weng hugs Scott Baumstein after WPT victory

$10,500 EveryOne for OneDrop final table results

Place Player Prize
1 Bin Weng $2,227,054*
2 Scott Baumstein $1,503,988*
3 Niko Koop $1,872,438*
4 Freddy Heller $956,000
5 Dominik Nitsche $700,100
6 Tom Cannuli $524,500

Weng's unprecedented 2023 WPT dominance

Every time you turn your heads this year, Bin "The Assassin" Weng is making a WPT final table. In fact, this is his third WPT event in a row where he came into the final table with the chip lead, two of which he closed out for the win.

It started at the WPT Seminole Hard Rock Main Event, where Weng bagged a massive chip lead. Next, he bagged the chip lead at the WPT Choctaw Main Event, though a smaller lead in comparison.

Weng took both of those leads to Vegas for the HyperX Final tables. He sealed the deal for the Seminole final table and took f ourth place in the Choctaw event for a combined total of $1,271,250.

In this event, the biggest first-place prize of all those mentioned, he again turned his chip lead into a massive score, taking home the $2,227,054.

Always humble, Weng gave us his usual lines. "I'm really running really hot this year, I'm really thankful," said Weng. "It's all about the big spots, I'm holding in all the big spots. That's important in poker, especially tournament poker."

Bin Weng Bin Weng

He's also seen with a ChipLeaderCoaching patch on these days. He told Tiffany Michelle that Chance Kornuth and company have been a great help to his dominant run.

"Chance gave me very good and important advice coming into the final table as the chip leader," said Weng. "I really appreciated that. ChipLeaderCoaching is really worth a try, 100 percent."

Between WPT events and other tournaments this year, Weng has about $5 million in tournament winning in 2023 alone. Thought Weng would convince you otherwise, it's pretty clear this is more than just run good.

Congratulations to Big Weng for adding to his amazing year with the EveryOne for OneDrop victory.

It's only July, we'll keep our eye on Weng to see how far this impressive stretch can go.