How to enter Jonathan Little’s Poker After Dark seat giveaway

How to enter Jonathan Little’s Poker After Dark seat giveaway
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Geoff Fisk
Posted on: March 11, 2021 04:00 PST

Contest awards a $5,000 seat to a Season 13 sit and go on Poker After Dark

PokerCoaching founder Jonathan Little and PokerGO are teaming up to give away a dream seat on Poker After Dark.

The Poker After Dark seat giveaway contest awards a $5,000 buy-in to a six-player sit and go, set for sometime during Season 13 of the show. The contest winner will sit alongside Little and four other players, competing for $30,000 in the single-table tournament.

The currently running Season 12 of Poker After Dark includes Little appearing on multiple episodes. New episodes of Poker After Dark air on Monday nights on PokerGO.

The eventual winner of the Poker After Dark seat giveaway will star on a future episode of the show. Here’s a look at the contest details, and how to enter the Poker After Dark seat giveaway:

Entering to win a seat on Poker After Dark

Registering for a chance to win the Poker After Dark sit and go entry only requires a name and a valid email address. Use this link and fill in those details to enter the seat giveaway contest.

The contest runs through July 31, and the $30,000 sit and go airs sometime during Season 13 of Poker After Dark.

The iconic poker show debuted in 2007, with the original run of seven seasons airing on NBC from 2007-2011. PokerGO revived the show in 2017, with the last five seasons offered on the streaming poker content service.

Poker After Dark’s earliest episodes featured sit and go play, but eventually the show started prominently revolving around a cash game format. The episode featuring the seat giveaway will bring the show back to its original roots.

“Sit-n-gos were the first game I played as a young poker professional,” Little told PokerGO. “They require you to play well deep stacked, shallow stacked, at a full table, at a short table, and heads-up. If you are not a well-rounded poker player, you will have a tough time winning at them.”

In addition to the $5,000 seat, the contest winner also gets a one-year subscription to PokerCoaching Premium, a poker training course founded by Little.

“I created to be the training site I wish I had as a novice poker player, and also the site I want today to ensure I stay at the top of the game,” Little said.

“I realize that people learn in numerous different ways, so has interactive quizzes, live webinars, private streams where you can interact with our world-class coaches in real time, game theory optimal charts in an easy-to-use app, and in-depth courses that cover every part of the game.”

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