Hustler Casino Live launches a full week of high stakes cash game streams

Jon Pill
Posted on: August 22, 2022 23:58 PDT

Cash game fans have a big week of streaming coming up. Hustler Casino Live is launching Super High Stakes Week, five days of $100/$200+ cash games with some of the show's biggest regulars and several fun guest appearances.

It wasn't like last week was all penny-ante poker. Last Saturday and Wednesday were evenings of $5/$5 game with a $100 ante, Friday was the usual $100/$200 game, and Thursday was played at stakes of $25/$50. Tuesday saw a drop in stakes but a rise in profile with WSOP Main Event Champ Espen Jorstad joining a relatively cheap $10/$20 after playing the high-stakes game the previous Friday.

However, this week is turned up to eleven, looking for twelve. $100/$200 from Monday to Thursday with the Friday game rising to $200/$400.

Who is playing on the stream?

Based on the information available, the line ups are looking stacked.

Garrett Adelstein is in for at least two of the streams with the rest of the week's roster including multiple appearances from each of Jean Robert-Bellande, Alan Keating, Eric Persson, Mikki Mase, Ryan Garcia the boxer, and Doordash founder Stanley Tang.

Hustler Casino Live's "Super High Stakes Week" will be going up against Live at the Bike's "Hellmuth Week." This isn't the first time that the two cash game streams have ended up dueling for views.

This time the action will be going all week. The first stream starts this evening on the Hustler Casino Live Youtube channel.

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Featured image source: Hustler Casino Live