Ike Haxton wins PCA $100k super high roller

Terrance Reid
Posted on: January 25, 2023 04:31 PST

Ike Haxton grabbed himself another trophy in The Bahamas, a country where he has historically performed very well. Haxton took first place and $1,082,230 in the $100,000 PCA Super High Roller after an ICM chop with fellow professionals Seth Davies and Adrian Mateos. They played for the trophy after the chop and Haxton took it down.

Haxton bested the 49-player field for the seven-figure score. For long-time poker fans, The PCA and Ike Haxton's names are nearly synonymous. You might remember his iconic bluff from the 2007 PCA WPT Championship with the nut-low. Check it out here.

Back here in The Bahamas 16 years later, and with far less wind at the final table, Haxton secured himself another victory. Haxton had a big chip lead during three-handed play and wasn't ready to make a deal. Once the players' stacks evened out, he was happy to agree to a deal against two other strong players.

Haxton is off to a dream start to 2023, now winning two tournaments in a row after his victory at the PokerGo Cup $50,000 High Roller less than a week ago. How long can his heater last? Will he make a deep run in the PokerStars Players Championship starting next week? We'll keep an eye on Haxton as he has to be a favorite in The Bahamas. Maybe it's the Mai Tais, maybe it's the sunshine, maybe it's the good memories from his early days, but Haxton winning in paradise just makes sense.