Interview: Veronica Brill talks about Justin Kuraitis's letter, what's next for Postlegate

Jon Pill
Posted on: September 18, 2020 06:38 PDT

Jon Pill: So, that just happened.

What’s your immediate reaction to the settlement? Especially the statement Mac [Verstandig][counsel for the plaintiffs][] put out as part of it? 

Veronica Brill: I knew the settlement was going to happen and I knew the language in the settlement. I was disappointed that so many people were okay with signing it. But they have their reasons and I’m not going to judge them. 

For me, as the main plaintiff, I don’t think it would’ve been the right thing to do to sign a lie. 

As a person who thinks data should be used in almost every decision, and data is fair and objective. The data clearly shows that [Mike Postle] was a consistent outlier like there never was. Either he is a deity or a cheater, and given his clear lack of cognitive ability, I will side with the latter.

I am not sure why everyone is getting mad at Mac for anything. Settlements are often conducted this way; Mac’s statement is a part of the legal obligation that they agreed to as a part of the settlement. It’s what Stones wanted. He has a job to do too and he did the best he could given the laws in California.

What’s next for you? Is that it for the Stones case, or are you looking for a new lawyer? 

I am not sure. I haven’t explored those avenues. I would be open to possibilities. 

But I think at this point it would be ideal if a competent law enforcement office would get involved. I think that would make the poker community most fulfilled.

Are you in touch with the other 27 plaintiff’s on this? 

I have and most likely will be in touch with my poker friends who I am close with and who were a part of the suit. I didn’t know most of the people involved.

What are your thoughts on Justin’s four-page message about him wanting to move on from Postlegate? You feature heavily.

I feel that I have always been honest with my interactions with him. How I was treated how Justin dismissed me and Kasey. How much of a narcissist he is. And how strong his gaslighting skill set is... I think his letter gave the poker community a glimpse into that experience. 

I picture Justin writing that letter for a few days and smiling ear to ear just thinking of the response that he would get.

I think he honestly thought he would sway anyone still on the fence about him towards his side. I am sure that the response he got shocked him.

His inability to get off his hilltop was amusing at best. Arguing with poker professionals who understand the game more than him. Adamantly refusing to budge on his understanding of evidence and poker… There is only one explanation he's involved.

In his letter, he claims you initially came to him without evidence… 

Yeah, well he can f**k off. He can try to put this on me all he wants. 

But it was his job to hold up the integrity of the game and to properly manage it. He was supposed to be looking into allegations that came from multiple people and all he did was try to cover it up. 

He told me over and over again that there was zero chance that anything was going on. He told me Mike was using the Martingale Strategy. Told me everyone was jealous of Mike. That I didn’t understand poker.

Let’s play it out his way. I come with video evidence of oddly played hands. Given what we know now, do you think there is a version where he looks into it?

He also talked about you still inviting Mike to your personal games… 

Justin assured me that a company was coming in to check the servers and to make sure that the security was good. But I saw no evidence of that. He kept reassuring me that there was absolutely no cheating going on and I trusted him.

He also spent a lot of his free time gaslighting me, swearing that there is nothing going on. Saying that if there is cheating he would quit. Telling me how good of a guy Mike is, and how I am wrong.

I believed him! So did Kasey! Justin wanted me to put Mike in my game. Do you know how much I doubted myself after talking to him? And how much I trusted him? I would never in a million years have believed that he could be helping Mike. 

But I was wrong. 

He was helping him the entire time. It’s why he kicked out Roger Bailey from managing it, it’s why he had the head of I.T. kicked out of managing the tech booth. He wanted full control.

You’ve been subject to a lot of online abuse over this, some from accounts that seem suspiciously Postle-ish. As a woman on Twitter, you’ve gotta have thick skin. Has this particular iteration stood out? 

There are, I think, three people behind all of the bullshit: Mike, Justin, and Khou she is a Bay Area Poker player, who is Justin’s number one stan. 

I think most of it is funny because they could be literally the stupidest group of people that I’ve ever had to personally interact with. I often am at a loss as to how to respond to such stupidity.

We were all a bit surprised when it turned out that the Broome documentary was happening. Do you think you're going to take part in it? 

I don’t know. I think it’s going to be a propaganda campaign. 

I’m curious why Stones and Justin and Mike are suddenly wanting to participate in a documentary that, as Mike put it, will show the world the truth? WTF are they up to? I feel like they (Stones, Mike, and Justin) are on a mental island and so out of touch with reality. 

They really think that they can change the obvious truth. I’m not interested in anything if it’s not objective. 

And I’m curious if the Broome guy has been bought.

Our writing staff are reaching out to Justin Kuraitis, Mike Postle, and Stones Gambling Hall for a follow-up to this interview.