Jeff Madsen criticized over anti-vax, pro-Trump tweets

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Jon Sofen
Posted on: December 16, 2020 09:36 PST

Poker pro Jeff Madsen, one of the best players in the world, has been on an odd Twitter rant bashing the COVID-19 vaccine. And many in the poker community are none too thrilled with his comments.

Madsen has also taken a strong pro-Donald Trump stance, which is often met with criticism from the liberal side of the poker community. He claims, while refusing to present evidence, that President-Elect Joe Biden cheated to win the recent U.S. election, and believes voter fraud was indisputably the sole reason he won.

The four-time WSOP bracelet winner's recent comments on Twitter have left him open to criticism from those who disagree with his political and scientific views. He's also been combative with those who argue an opposing viewpoint.

Take poker pro Matt Glantz, for example. The outspoken self-described political expert gave his thoughts on how the recently approved COVID-19 vaccine would impact live poker.


All poker players will be vaccinated by end of May. That fear or reluctance to take the vaccine will magically subside when they realize there will be a requirement to be vaccinated in order to play the @WSOP," Glantz tweeted.

Jeff Madsen so eloquently responded, "Lol go f--k yourself." When Glantz tweeted back, "sometimes we have to make tough choices, Jeff," Madsen again went on the verbal attack.

"you're a true f---in idiot," he said.

Jeff Madsen supports Qanon conspiracy theory

Glantz is far from the only poker player Madsen has attacked on Twitter recently. He's gone after pretty much anyone who dares have an opposing view on the COVID-19 vaccine or the election.

"Pfuck Pfizer and Pfuck all the vaccines coming out don’t Pfucking trust big Ppharma guys," Madsen tweeted.

Madsen has also claimed to believe in the repeatedly debunked Qanon conspiracy theory, an anonymous source who claims to know about a secret Deep State operation within the Democratic party that works to undermine President Trump.

According to Qanon, an unknown internet troll, many top Democrats such as former First Lady Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama operate an elaborate child sex trafficking ring. The Qanon conspiracy theorists almost exclusively support President Trump. Madsen is one of those "believers."

The poker pro has also made some bold claims about the 2020 U.S. presidential election. On November 22, he tweeted, "remember when everyone thought Joe Biden was gonna be president for that month or two," hinting that the courts were about to strike down Biden's victory and hand it to Trump.

On December 14, however, Madsen's prediction was officially shot down. The Electoral College voted and officially handed Biden the victory, and he will be inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States next month.

Madsen even took some interest in the recent GGPoker signing of social media playboy Dan Bilzerian. He somehow connected the news to Biden allegedly being a pedophile, which is a common claim among Qanon supporters.

"everyone that’s mad about Bilzerian but is supporting Biden fiercely not realizing he’s a huge pedo needs to get some perspective," Jeff Madsen wrote.

"What happened to ya my man? Such a bizarre turn of events," Jonathan Shecter, a hip-hop artist, asked Madsen on Twitter.

Outside of Twitter, Madsen is a skilled poker pro with quite a resume. In 2006, at age 21, he became the youngest bracelet winner ever when he shipped the $2,000 No-Limit Hold'em event for $660,948. He won a second bracelet that year ($5,000 No-Limit Hold'em 6-Handed for $643,381), and then one in 2013 and 2015.

In total, he has over $5.6 million in live tournament winnings. And now he has many haters on poker Twitter.

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