Joey Ingram drops Phil Ivey episode of the Poker Life podcast today

Joey Ingram drops Phil Ivey episode of the Poker Life podcast today
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Geoff Fisk
Posted on: June 10, 2021 07:27 PDT

Latest episode marks Ivey’s first appearance on the show

Joey Ingram brings back his Poker Life podcast today, and the prolific content creator probably couldn’t have picked a bigger name as the interview subject for the comeback episode.

Phil Ivey takes a seat opposite of Ingram on the latest episode of Poker Life. Ingram first teased the Ivey interview in late May.

A Wednesday Twitter post revealed that the Ivey episode will go live on Ingram’s YouTube channel at 3 pm EDT/12 pm PDT today:

“Dropping the Phil Ivey podcast tomorrow 12pm EST on my YouTube channel... @philivey,” reads Ingram’s tweet. The “hype trailer” that follows offers a glimpse at what’s in store for what is perhaps the most anticipated episode in the history of Ingram’s podcast.

Ingram told that viewers have been asking him to land an interview with Ivey on Poker Life for years.

“I feel super happy for the fans to be able to experience this podcast together with me as they’ve been asking about it since 2014!!!,” Ingram wrote via text message. “I’m incredibly hype.”

Hype trailer offers a tantalizing glimpse

We don’t get too much of the interview dialogue in the Twitter teaser, but what we do get certainly does the job of building anticipation for the Ivey appearance. The 37-second clip gives just a couple of short bits of what we can assume is a full-length interview with Ivey.

The teaser gives us a preview of Ivey talking cash game poker at the unfathomably high stakes that only a few players in the history of poker can relate to. Ingram introduces Ivey as “debatably one of the greatest poker players of all time.”

Ivey, with $31,377,928 in career tournament earnings, 10 WSOP bracelets, and eight cashes of seven figures or better, is certainly in the discussion for the greatest player of all time. As impressive as that resume reads, Ivey’s reputation in the poker world extends far beyond his poker accomplishments.

The tournament accomplishments listed above are available for all to see on Ivey’s page in the Hendon Mob database.

What we don’t know about Ivey are his true cash game statistics. Since beginning his poker journey as an underage player in the poker rooms of Atlantic City, the now 44-year-old Ivey has sat in on cash games at the highest of stakes around the world, both private and public.

While the general public can only contemplate how much money Ivey has played for, it looks like we’re in for some high-stakes poker stories from the man himself on the new Poker Life episode.

The teaser video includes a clip with Ivey discussing a game played at $50,000/$100,000 stakes, and Ivey says he started the game with $10 million on the table. Later in the teaser, Ivey alludes to taking an unidentified player down to the tune of $16 million at the poker table.

The full episode drops on Ingram’s YouTube channel at 3 pm EDT/12 pm PDT today. Ingram landed Ivey and Tom Dwan for back-to-back episodes of Poker Life, with the Dwan interview release date to be announced.

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