Justin Kuraitis, pro-Postle Twitter accounts have mysteriously gone silent

Justin Kuraitis Mike Postle
Jon Sofen
Posted on: September 30, 2020 07:28 PDT

Justin Kuraitis spent much of the past couple weeks defending Mike Postle on Twitter. The Stones Gambling Hall poker tournament director, however, has gone visibly silent. He hasn't tweeted in nearly a week, and neither have the multiple pro-Postle social media accounts.

Kuraitis' reason for avoiding social media for a while is unknown. He stopped posting on Twitter for nearly a year following the Postle cheating allegations in October 2019. That was due to, as he claims, a request from his attorneys.

Kuraitis was named in the lawsuit as an alleged accomplice to Postle, who is accused of cheating during numerous Stones Live streams at Stones Gambling Hall in northern California from 2018-2019. The tournament director, however, won the lawsuit and wasn't forced to pay a dime to any of the 88 plaintiffs.

After Kuraitis' legal troubles came to an end earlier this month, he popped off on Twitter, attacking the poker media and community for accusing him of being an accomplice to the alleged cheating scandal. He also defended Postle, claiming there's no evidence he cheated. Most in the poker community seem to disagree with that assessment.

Where did Kuraitis go?

About a week after returning to poker Twitter, Justin Kuraitis has again gone dark, as have several accounts that carry his banner.

There are a few pro-Postle accounts on Twitter that may be connected to Kuraitis. One such is @pokerheroes1, who also has mysteriously gone missing since September 24.

Kuraitis and the "Poker Heroes" account have many things in common. Not only do they vehemently defend Postle, they also both tweet from an Android phone and use the same arguments. One of those arguments is the supposed research conducted by Rounder Life, a poker media outlet that Postle is connected to.

Rounder Life has long claimed that the data collected by those who investigated Postle (i.e. Joey Ingram) is inaccurate. The site suggests Postle made far less during Stones Live streams than has been reported — over a $100,000 difference.

Kuraitis and "Poker Heroes" continually repeat that talking point. Phil Galfond and Haralabos Voulgairis hired data miners to dig up the true stats on Postle's play. Their hope is that the poker community will finally learn exactly how much Postle made during the live-streamed show.

The two pro-Postle accounts already mentioned aren't the only ones that disappeared from Twitter recently. Another account that repeatedly defends Postle and attacks those who call him a cheater — @poker_thug ("Poker Derelict") — recently changed his/her Twitter account to private. That means anyone he/she doesn't follow can no longer see tweets.

Perhaps they all just decided they couldn't take the heat from the poker community.

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