Kevin Mathers launches the Kevmath Report

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Kat Martin
Posted on: August 24, 2021 11:34 PDT

For the past decade, Kevin Mathers' Twitter feed has been a key source for poker news and information. From tournament winners to breaking news from the WSOP rules-makers, "Kevmath" is invariably the first to alert poker Twitter to the latest industry developments.

Famously generous with his time, Mathers routinely shares his encyclopedic knowledge of the poker industry to respond to questions from other Twitter users.

Mathers employed the medium to announce his latest venture:

"From time to time, people who appreciate my work ask how they can support my efforts. Starting August 24th, I'm debuting one of those ways: The Kevmath Report."

Issue #1 of The Kevmath Report landed in the mailbox earlier today. It's a wonderful digest of the week's key stories, plus a useful preview of events on the immediate poker horizon. In addition to reading the critical poker stories, it's a pleasure to experience Mathers' prose, unfettered by the 280 characters of Twitter.

Many poker players first became aware of Kevin Mathers as a 2+2 forum moderator -- a role he took up almost two decades ago. Mathers told that his involvement in the industry stretches back even further to the 1990s and the newsgroup, where he shared breaking news stories with the fledgling online poker community.

Given the time and effort that Mathers has expended on these endeavors, had a simple question: "Why do it?"

"It's something I enjoy doing, and my way of helping the poker community," Mathers told us. "The satisfaction of helping people find out about a tournament, or answering someone's poker-related questions is what gives me happiness."

One notable feature of Mathers' poker tweets is that they invariably present facts without editorial comment. This is something of a novelty on Twitter, where opinions flow as fast as memes and gifs. We wondered whether the longer form of a weekly newsletter would encourage Mathers to share what he felt about the stories he reports.

"My plan for The Kevmath Report is to provide commentary about what's going on in poker that I may not necessarily post on Twitter, but that will depend on my comfort in giving those opinions" said Mathers.

Having developed a solid reputation as a disseminator of facts, we understand if Mathers is reluctant to jump into the murkier world of opinions. That said, as one of the most informed observers of the poker ecosystem for well over two decades, we are confident that many in the community would love to know what he thinks about the industry.

You can sign up for The Kevmath Report through this link.

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