Kyna England wins PokerStars NAPT Women's Event

Kyna England
Terrance Reid
Posted on: November 06, 2023 18:22 PST

Women are the clear winners of the first couple of days of the PokerStars North American Poker Tour Las Vegas. Tonight, one woman just won the first Spadie on American ground in 12 years.

Kyna England just shipped the Women's Event to grab the trophy and the biggest chunk of the prize pool after making a deal heads-up with Lindsey Kludt.

"I knew it was going to come to us heads-up," said Kludt during play. "I can't believe I manifested this."

The two friends were in good spirits throughout the match, both clearly happy to be sharing the experience together.

"I lose a pot, and I'm not even mad," said England during the heads-up match.

Place Player Prize
1 Kyna England $7,520*
2 Lindsey Kludt $4,855*
3 Julie Salsido $3,465
4 Michelle Skinner $2,665
5 Daris Justice $2,130
6 Lena Evans $1,705
7 Janet Berry $1,365
8 Kyoko Short $1,090

"This is one of the best tournaments I've ever played"

England bagged up at the end of the night last night before the players had made the money. She was in great spirits, though she would have been happy to play on last night.

"I'd rather play down to the money and come back in the money," she said. "But it's late, people are tired, I get it."

Kyna England (2) Kyna England (2) Spenser Sembrat

Obviously, she was feeling her game, and the evening rest didn't change that. She came back today and cruised to the final table after about four hours of play.

"It was always going to be us two," the two finalists said. "We had two of the biggest stacks all day."

England, emotional after the win, couldn't contain herself after the victory. With a supportive rail all around, hugs were shared amongst all while the weight of the accomplishment sunk in.

"You can lift the trophy now," said Alex O'Brien.

England happily made her way to the PokerStars "Spadie," lifting it in jubilation.

"I don't want to get fingerprints all over it," she laughed and set it back down on the felt. "This is one of the best tournaments I've ever played. I had a great time. Thanks, PokerStars!"

Already a special week for women at the NAPT

Yesterday, PokerStars hosted a panel discussion for women in poker in connection with Poker Power. The panel featured successful authors and poker players Alex O'Brien, Jennifer Shahade, and Maria Konnikova, of whom the latter two are PokerStars Ambassadors.

Konnikova, O'Brien, and Shahade's books Konnikova, O'Brien, and Shahade's books Spenser Sembrat

Plenty of women came out for the event, and vibrant conversation about how to bring more women into the game ensued.

"I learned more about psychology from poker than all my years pursuing a PhD," Maria Konnikova said at the panel.

Jennifer Shahade, Maria Konnikova, and Lena Evans Jennifer Shahade, Maria Konnikova, and Lena Evans Spenser Sembrat

Poker Power, co-hosts of the event, do so much to grow the game and get more women into poker. A tagline of, "Poker teaches new life skills with every hand. Our workshops and inclusive app empower women+ to win, on and off the table," emblazons their website.

One million in live tournament earnings

For England, the win puts her above the $1 million milestone in live tournament career earnings according to Hendon Mob. She sat at $995,910 prior to today.

What an amazing way to cross a big milestone. In a week celebrating women in poker, with PokerStars back in North America for the first time in ages, England nabs a Spadie and crosses into the millionaire club.

Kyna England alt winner photo Kyna England alt winner photo Spenser Sembrat

Congratulations, Kyna. That's worth celebrating. #MoreWomen