Landon Tice, Johnnie Vibes, Marle Cordeiro headline Poker Out Loud Vloggers Season

Landon Tice, Johnnie Vibes, Marle Cordeiro headline Poker Out Loud Vloggers Season
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Geoff Fisk
Posted on: March 07, 2021 05:13 PST

Solve for Why debuts new run of the unique show

Fans of the poker vlogosphere should know the faces of Solve for Why’s Poker Out Loud Vloggers Season well.

Episode 1 of the show’s new season dropped on the Solve for Why YouTube channel Tuesday, featuring a lineup of some of poker’s most prolific content creators. The new season also features one of the first live appearances for rising poker star Landon Tice, whom we’ve previously only seen playing online on Twitch.

Tice joins Marle Cordeiro, Johnnie “Vibes” Moreno, Trevor Savage, Matt Vaughan, and Ethan “Rampage Poker” Yau in the premiere episode of “Vloggers Season.” Titled “Poker Vloggers vs. The Child of The Sim,” the episode pits “Child of The Sim” Tice against five notable poker vloggers.

Real-time strategy discussion featured on Poker Out Loud

Solve for Why’s Poker Out Loud series features live poker settings, with players at the table discussing their thought processes in real time as they’re playing. The theme for this season centers around poker vloggers, who usually create content based on their travels and play at poker rooms across the U.S.

Poker Out Loud Vloggers Season puts several poker vloggers in the same game, pitted against each other while thinking out loud about every decision at the table.

“I’m super excited about the vlogger edition,” Solve for Why founder Matt Berkey says in the episode’s introduction. “They all deserve a lot of praise and recognition for what they’ve built.”

“There’s this whole subset community of grinders and recreational players, low to mid-stakes players that worship this collection of vloggers, who are out there just putting their lives on display day in and day out.”

The “Vloggers” contingent from the “Poker Vloggers vs. The Child of The Sim” episode generally produce content centered around live cash game play. Johnnie Vibes, for example, spent a year traveling and visiting live poker rooms across the country, before COVID-19 considerations shut down casinos nationwide last March.

Episode 1 of “Vloggers Season” pits Moreno and the rest of the poker vloggers against each other. Included in that mix is Tice, one of poker’s biggest rising stars of 2021 and an online cash game specialist.

That player mix alone is enough to make the new season of Poker Out Loud an interesting watch. The element of hearing the players discuss real-time strategy out loud, however, makes the show unlike anything else in the world of poker content.

“I think it’s a great learning tool,” Berkey says. “I think it’s an opportunity to maybe start to identify in real time where there are some gaps in knowledge, where there are some blind spots.”

“I always come away from these things feeling like I’ve grown as a player tremendously.”

You can check out select episodes of Poker Out Loud at the Solve for Why YouTube channel, and the full series is available via subscription to Solve for Why.

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