Landon Tice vs. Bill Perkins: First quarter almost complete in the heads-up challenge

Landon Tice vs. Bill Perkins: First quarter almost complete in the heads-up challenge
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Geoff Fisk
Posted on: June 30, 2021 12:09 PDT

Tice up $63,720 after 4,907 hands, but Perkins is on pace to beat the 9bb/100 spot

Landon Tice and Bill Perkins played Session #12 of their ongoing heads-up challenge on Tuesday, and the latest battle ended in victory for Perkins.

Perkins posted his second straight single-session win against Tice, winning $28,000 in 337 hands. The latest chapter in the match that currently sits on poker’s heads-up challenge center stage played on Americas Cardroom Tuesday afternoon, with live streaming coverage on the ACR Twitch channel.

After hitting his peak lead after Session 10, Tice has dropped ground to Perkins in each of the last two segments of the match. Perkins took the win in Session 11, with the billionaire investor gaining $51,990 on Tice over 348 hands.

Session #12 resulted in a smaller gain for Perkins, but a win nonetheless. With the $28,000 gain, Perkins now trails Tice by $63,270 total, with 4,907 total hands played.

The match is scheduled for 20,000 hands, and Tuesday’s session put the overall challenge just short of the one-quarter finish line.

Perkins pulls ahead of the 9bb/100 spot

Tice and Perkins agreed on a 9bb/100 spot given to Perkins before the match. That boils down to the match essentially starting with Tice down $720,000.

The heads-up challenge began on June 2, with Perkins and Tice getting nearly one-fourth of the scheduled 20,000 hands completed through the first month of play. Session #7 (played on June 14) ended with Tice ahead $90,568, and on pace to beat the $720,000 spread.

Landon Tice vs. Bill Perkins (through 4,907 hands)

Since June 14, every session has ended with Perkins back on track to beat the 9bb/100 spot. Session 10 ended with Tice ahead $144,255, the biggest lead for either player at the end of a challenge session.

That $144,255 lead projected a close win from Perkins by the end of the challenge. With consecutive gains in Session #11 and Session #12, however, Perkins pulled to within $63,720 of Tice straight up.

Projected over the rest of the 20,000-hand match, that pace would lead to Tice winning the challenge by $259,712 straight up. That pace would fall well short of the $720,000 win Tice needs to post to emerge with a victory in the challenge.

Big hand from Session #12

More than half of Perkins’ $28k profit from Session #12 came early in the latest leg of the challenge. Landon “AbsoluteGO” Tice opened to $1,000 to begin the hand.

Bill “gastrader” Perkins three-bet to $4,400, prompting ACR Team Pro Jon Pardy to call for a four-bet on commentary. Tice obliged, putting in the four-bet to $11,000. Perkins made the call.

The flop came 2♠3♠3♦️, Perkins checked, and Tice bet $4,400 into the $22,000 pot. Perkins called, ballooning the pot to $30,798.

The turn came the 5♦️, and both players checked. The river brought the 6♦️, adding a flush possibility and four to a straight on the already paired board.

Both players chose to check the river, and Perkins showed 9❤️9♠. Tice mucked, and Perkins took down one of the bigger pots from Session #12.

Tice and Perkins haven’t yet announced the date and time for Session #13. Check back with for continuing coverage of the Tice vs. Perkins heads-up challenge, which will continue to play out on ACR through the finish.

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