Last night's Hustler Casino Live stream set six crazy records

Jon Pill
Posted on: August 29, 2022 24:20 PDT

Hustler Casino Live's Super High Stakes Week ended with a bang. The sixteen-hour long live-streamed $200/$400 cash game (with an $800 straddle in play for most of it) was the longest stream HCL has ever attempted.

The records didn't stop there. The game also set records for: the most money in play, the biggest pot, the biggest straddle, the most profitable session, and the largest stacks.

The exhausted HCL team tweeted at the end of the stream: "History was made last night/this morning Longest stream ever (nearly 16 hours) [...] Over 18K watching at peak and the stream didn’t end til 9 am PT Thanks to everyone involved!!

New Hustler Casino Live records set

Jean Robert-Bellande set a record for the most winning session in HCL history with $804k in profit. He ran his $100k starting stack up largely at the cost of Mikki Mase (-$403k over the course of the session), Kaufman, and J.R. (both down by more than $300k each).

Despite his enormous final stack, Allen Keating ended the session down by around $100k. He hasn't had the best luck on HCL in the past. He was in danger of being down far more than just $100k, but was rescued when he won the biggest pot in HCL history for $749k.

The biggest straddle came from Ryunsuke who turned the game into a $200/$400/$800/$35,000 game for one glorious hand.

By the end of the sixteen hours of play, there was $4.6 million on the table, with the shortest stack being $276k and belonging to Brent Hanks. That made the smallest stack in play 345 straddles deep (690 big blinds). This was truly deep stack poker.

Allen Keating ended up with a neat $1 million in front of him. Jean-Robert Bellande finished up with $904k in front of him.

However, both players had well over $1 million in front of them at certain points during the stream, setting records for biggest dollar value stacks. At 2.5k+ big blinds, those stacks are probably also the deepest relative stacks in the show's history too.

This rounded out a full week of high-stakes streams. It's going to be a thrill to see what shark HCL attempts to jump next.

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Featured image source: Hustler Casino Live