Live poker is off the tables at Genting Casino in the UK

Posted on: June 16, 2020 08:55 PDT

The popular casino won’t bring back poker as it tries to get back on its feet following COVID-19

One of the major victims of the coronavirus pandemic has been live poker. As major casinos are returning to business after more than two months of being shut down in many countries across the world, poker is not being included in the activities for land-based casinos. Genting Casinos in the UK has officially confirmed that there will be no poker activity across its locations in the UK.

According to PokerNews, there were rumors circulating about Genting not offering poker, which was leaked by an employee. This same employee told the media site that the Birmingham cardroom where he works has told employees that "Genting will cease all live poker in their casinos." Apparently, Genting has been working on cutting down its workforce; the same source said that close to 100 jobs will be lost in total, which between 20 and 50 jobs at every Genting casino in the UK.

An update posted on Facebook from a cardroom manager at one of Genting's casinos said, "Well, it’s been emotional. Thank you to all our poker players, hope you have a great experience. Thoughts to all my colleagues (family) that didn’t deserve this (although in current climate it was kind of expected), you are all superstars and proud to have had you in our team. Onwards and Upwards. PS anyone hiring?" So far, there has been no official communication from Genting casino confirming the decision.

It seems that the operators of Genting are going through financial issues brought in by the pandemic. Around a week ago, Genting announced that it is considering closing three of its UK casinos. According to what the union for leisure and hospitality workers reported, they could be Genting’s casinos in Bristol, Margate and Torquay.