Lock in: Doug Polk challenges Mike Postle to run it back on Joe Ingram's podcast return

Doug Polk Joey Ingram
Mo Afdhal
Posted on: March 04, 2024 11:10 PST

It's time to lock in, Legion members. JoeIngram revived his Poker Life/Power Poker Podcast today, much to the delight of his loyal audience.

The ever-faithful members of the Legion returned to Ingram's chat this afternoon as he streamed his conversation with high stakes professional and co-owner of The Lodge Card Club, DougPolk.

The two covered a number of topics over the course of their nearly two and a half hour chat, the entirety of which you can find linked below. From Sunday's debut of Bally Live Poker at The Commerce to the current landscape of content in the poker media sphere, to the oft-discussed issues with security on online poker sites, Ingram and Polk touched on a wide range of poker-related subjects.

Postle in the mix again

The highlight of the podcast came right around the halfway mark when Polk veered the conversation towards Mike Postle's recent reemergence. Ingram reflected briefly on the countless hours of investigation he did into the allegations of cheating against Postle, calling the time spent "absolutely insane."

He then went on to point out that Postle deserves a chance to tell his side of the story, saying, "I'm trying to understand where this guy's coming from. He's saying it should be fair for him to be able to tell some of his story. He's got an explanation -- people might not agree with the explanation, they might think the explanation isn't true -- but at least he wants to be able to try to tell the story."

Mike Postle poker cheating (Image source: CardsChat)

Ingram tossed the question back to Polk, who said, "What I'm mainly interested in is when he's going to come clean."

Then, Polk offered a direct proposal to Postle, in two parts. First, a one-on-one interview between him and Postle. Second, the Mike Postle Challenge at The Lodge.

Essentially, Polk challenged Postle to come down to The Lodge, on a freeroll, to play against the $1/$3 and $2/$5 crowd, saying, "If you can handle your own at Stones Gambling Hall, you can do just fine here at The Lodge."

Polk went on to say, "And let's just see if he can run it back. And if he can get anywhere close to that win rate, I'm willing to eat my own words as he rakes in my money."

While it's unlikely that Postle takes on the challenge, the mere idea of it had Ingram laughing -- check out the full replay below.